Shawn Crawfords' body measurements...

I stumbled across a web page that liste4d body measurements for various athletes.
I was suprised by Shawn Crawfords. It said he has 21 inch’ thighs, and I thought that was quite small for a sprinter. It didn’t give his chest measurement.
It also suggests he has a 34inch waist measurement, which I thought was quite big for a sprinter.
And as for the biceps measurement… surely that arm circumferance was taken when the arm was relaxed and hanging down, and not when clenched in a raised biceps pose?


Age: 30
Height: 5′11″
Weight: 186 lbs.
VO2 MAX: 43.2 ml/kg/min.
Resting Heart Rate: 67 beats per minute
Waist: 34″
Thighs: 21″
Biceps: 11″
Bench Press: 405 lbs.
Squat: 450 lbs.
Body Fat: 4 percent

“When I lift, my chest and arms develop quickly and are easy to get stronger and bigger. I have really small lower legs — and no matter what I do, they get stronger, but not bigger.”
(end quote)

The full page is here… Shawn is the thrid one down the page.

Peeps at the bottom of the page disagree at the measurements of the various athletes mentioned. Especially the reported bodyfat ranges. One of the women has a very soft physique, and yet they have her at 12% bodyfat.

I don’t believe those measurements my forearms are bigger than his biceps…WTF?

And what about his resting heart rate!?:eek:

This doesn’t sound right!

maybe some problems with measures…my arm is 16 inches…and not partiucularly big…thighs sure more.otherwise he would weight 140 lbs…those geeks reasearchers…

a guy with 11" arms can bench press 405?!!

Are you sure they are talking about his arms. You know what they say about black guys.:slight_smile:

When it comes to lifting weights raw the size of a man means nothing.

The link below is a far better web page on morphology of sprinters.

Here are some tit bits…

(Elite sprinters who run between 10.29 and 1.20 seconds for 100 meters.)

It shows 60.90 cm as the average thigh circumferance. (24.5inches.)
average sprint time = 10.52 seconds
length of leg = 102.28cm
body weight = 80.98kg
body hieght = 180.78 cm
shank circumferqnce (calves?) = 40.73 cm.
shoulder diameter = 40.9 cm.
pelvic diameter = 28.14 cm
knee diameter = 9.58cm
ankle diameter = 7.68

It sais the rectus femoris plays a key role in withstanding peak ground reaction forces,
as it ensures proper stiffness at the knee joint.

(My note: I would have thought the biceps femoris/hamstrings would have played just as important a role as the rectus femoris of quadriceps?)

That study refers to two groups of 12 subjects, very small cross section, and this data is too small.

The IAAF could get anthropometrists to record anthropometric data of top sprinters at major comps, this data would be valuable. Not sure the coaches or the athletes would volunteer.

Just like professional body builders, you can’t really trust the girth measures, because their plenty of incentive to distort facts.