Sha Carri 10.7

So I was at the meet. People debating if it was wind aided. It wasnt that windy out. She is a little person. It was a interesting meet. Hope they do more


Meanwhile, ppl over here in CALI (Democratic land) living in Fear from COVID.
Went out to Folsom Lake (Red City) last week and I felt uncomfortable bc no one was wearing masks but my scared ass Family members. Not me. Blue vs Red division BS

Btw, I’m def cautious but not ever going to pay attention to the govt.

Well I was masked up. People around me were not. Ive had that shit twice dont need it again

What was your times?

One of the guys on tonight’s Team is going to miss the game. He just texted the team he has flu like symptoms and is getting tested at 4pm. No fans allowed here in the City where I live.

I took both shots and felt sore and a little tired for one day after the 2nd. I could care less what either side thinks. I did it for my own reasons.

Anyhow, that woman could scoot. Nice and relaxed after a so so start. She knows she has the top end speed to crush ALL.

Where is the former sprinter with a YouTube channel who doubted her time a few weeks ago bc she didn’t have perfect form blah blah barf…and what is or will he say now.

That top speed will blow away everyone this year. It’s hers to lose.
No need for a great r/t or great start. That’s what the others need to even think they have a shot.

Sha Carri looks amazing and she is young so lots and lots of time ahead of her. Looks like Dennis Mitchell is coaching her.

She had a huge jump in performance from one year to the next, once already.
Now she is doing it again?? That’s where it is headed if the right conditions appear for her.

I’ve never seen anything like it before. New frontier. She really is one of one.

Pro only meet. I was there to watch and record

People say she has a slow start, I say its perfect for her and puts her into her race pattern. Flo jo didnt have a blazing start

Well elaine has run 10.7 I think twice this year also

I’m talking about their Basic Wind conversion personal bests from year to year and although ET may beat her PB this year, Will she be in the low 10.6s or dare I say high 10.5s? If so, man oh man do we have ourselves another 1988 rivalry build up.

ET so far has had much faster winds this year. She is close to her PB in May, yes.
SR is absolutely going to shatter her PB by a large margin. That is something none of us have ever seen before at this level.

Not going to listen to Rae. He was hella wrong like a lot of ppl were wrong when Bolt came out of no where in 2008 and ran his 9.7x in May. Messed up clock, too much wind, etc. I do appreciate his honesty from what I have heard.

You’re right about SR and her model. It’s a little sloppy at the moment. She drifts to her left big time early on and again a little later in the race but she should put it together with more races under her belt.

Are you doing any outdoor meets?

I think Ima hit a few. end of june into July

Sweet - keep me posted… How’s the back?

Delete delete…

SAFP sprints to a low 10.6 (10.63) but is no where near a 10.49 0.0 w. A time that has never been produced so far.
Dumb and dumber at the top.

I feel great now, Finally. Havent been able to train more than twice a week until now. So now I can drop some pounds