Seun Ogunkoya races clips

Hi,i’am looking for some clips of races where Seun Ogunkoya was running.

me too…I remember him, but not very well

You should be able to see him in major races from the years 1997 and 1998.

Look for videos with Mo from those years and you might see Ogunkoya there as well.

I was told by my Nigerian fellows that Seun spend his time with short sprints (20m) and heavy loads for weight lifting. Other things he didn’t seem to do. :confused: If true, no wonder why he had such a short career…

His progression:
1995 10.43
1996 10.15, 20.6
1997 9.97, 20.50
1998 6.52i, 9.92A/9.94, 20.73
1999 6.66i, 10.27
2000 10.45
2001 6.69i
2002 6.81i
2003 10.52

Article on his comeback:

Pierre Jean,

actually that is not true, I had the opportunity to speak to his coach 2 months ago an he is a very accomplished Coach. In fact that the guys carries out what you cancall a variation of the long to short sessions. This same guys alos coached Fasuba (6.51) and the Africian record 400m women record holder Falilat Ogunkoya. He is based in Nigeria and is regarded as one of the best coaches in the country.

Seun Career was short becos of personal reason I would not want to go into but I know he was on the way back last year.

Mmm… Interesting… :cool:

in 2000 he had a 10"23…

Falilat Ogunkoya has big problems with this guy and Fasuba has denied having ever trained with him. The only good things i heard of him is the way he helps statisticians in transmitting African results. That’s how he gave his name as Fasuba’s coach in competition’s starting lists (compilled by statisticians). Fasuba once red the list and was astonished to read the name of this guy claiming that he was his coach while Fasuba trained by himself at that time.
End of the story.

Thanks for the correction, actually, this result only appear in ATFS 2002 annual in the correction list because it was sent to statisticians at the time of the ATFS 2001 (for 2000 lists). As i said, results from Africa are difficult to obtain, and the guy Afixs is talking about is helpful. However, his claims for coaching feat are not reliable (forget to say that he coached Falilat Ogunkoya in the last part of her career, when she was well past her prime).

Now that this is clear then by PJ, where did you get your info from?
Just curious…

Nigeria: Ogunkoya Flops in Comeback Bid

This Day (Lagos) 18 May 2007 Posted to the web 18 May 2007

Duro Ikhazuagbe, Lagos

Seun Ogunkoya’s bid to return to the summit of Nigeria’s track business fell flat yesterday morning with the Ondo born sprinter crashing out in the first round heat of the 100m event of the on going 2007 Mobil Track and Field Championship here at the Teslim Balogun Stadium, Lagos.

The former champion who has been off competitive track business for over three years now was a shadow of his old self when he struggled in the midst of a bunch of rookies straight from the block to the finish line.

His running style yesterday gave him away as someone who did not adequately prepare for the big stage that the Mobil Meet has come to be regarded on the calendar of track aficionados in the country.

The 11.26secs he clocked to finish fourth shocked most of those who had looked out for a ‘born again’ Ogunkoya to give reigning sprint king Olusoji Fasuba, a run for his crown.

"There was no point in Seun coming here to run. What we have just witnessed here is a confirmation that the damage has gone beyond repair,"observed one of the track coaches who was on the stand to see the sprint heats yesterday.

In 1997, Seun Ogunkoya came out of the blues to demystify the foreign based athletes that included the likes of Olapade Adeniken, Davidson and Osmond Ezinwa and Francis Obikwelu. These Nigerian sprinters of that era, commanded great respect in the IAAF circuits, rubbing shoulders with elite American sprinters.

Ogunkoya’s heroics kind of opened the eyes of the home based that with quality training, they too can be at the top of their trades.

But inability to manage the succeess that followed his many exploits at home and abroad, left Ogunkoya crashing out of reckoning.

Also yesterday, virtually all the big stars had easy races cruising into today’s semi finals of the men and women 100m sprint event.

In some of the events concluded on the opeing Day One of the All Africa Games Trials, Plateau athlete Harris Ishmael won the 10,000m male race while Adeyemi Kazeem also won the 20km walk event.

Field events like Shot Put, Discuss, Javelin and Hammer were moved to the University of Lagos Sports Complex due to the fact that the fresh Balogun Stadium had not been mark and certified to host such events.

I know he had physical problems, probably hasn’t solved them out…

11.2!!! There must have been something seriosly wrong. You can’t go from 9.92 to 11.2 without something being a massive problem. Even if he hadn’t touched speed, but kept in reasonable shape he should do a 10.7. What were the conditions like? How old is he now? 28-29??

totally agree…should be 30 this year

does anyone have any pics of him this year? just be interesting to see how he looks shape wise.