Separating carbs and fats

Berardi is big on this. Is there anything to it or is it a waste of time/effort? Who has tried it and what have been the effects?

I am not strict on this too much…but it will carve you up if you follow some of his protocols…I don’t agree with his frequency of spiking insulin, but using some of his charts have worked for me personally and some of the athletes I work with follow the combo rules and have great blood glucose readings.

i use the protein+carbs or protein+fat method and i am a big big fan. i train first thing in the morning and i have all my P+C in the first four feedings of my day and then P+F my last 3.

I have found athletes that train hard can do three moderate meals with a zone like distribution (log GI/II) meals and using the berardi combos as supplement feedings.

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A bodybuilding diet guru who is getting a lot of attention on the internet (thanks to Chris T), believes in separating carbs and fats at meals


I follow Berardi’s recommendations, pretty closely, and I am happy with the results.

(Come on Chris_P: you know you want to say something:D)


I have read a couple of Tom’s articles at t-mag - no complaints here.

I agree if it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it.

Nutrition, is finding a program that works, and then sticking to it over the long term (rather than quick fix).

As long as the essentials are covered (protein, EFAs, vitamins, minerals, etc) and the food choices are better (natural over processed), then the BF % should fall into place with the proper training and recovery.

(but, I still like JB’s recommendations/work :D)

When you are coaching athletes that need to perform you try to do anything that works.

Fats are less likely to be taken up by adipose tissue if taken at a different time to carbs. One reason is that fats consumed without carbs are oxidised for energy more so than if consumed with carbs, and therefore I wonder this - when fats and carbs are seperated, are the fats oxidised for energy to an extent where EFAs become deficient in the body or atleast reduced to lower levels than optimum. Maybe other fatty acids also, are reduced to levels below optimum. EFAs are especially important here since apart from them being essential, they are oxidised more easily than most fatty acids in the diet, especially omega 3.

Any thoughts?

Nutrition and lifestyle is progression

First step sleep 8 hours
Second step eliminate fast food
Third step use a journal
Fourth step macronutients
Fifth step micronutrients
Sixth step buy glucose monitor and organic foods…

and so on…

I have some athelets that use a blood glucose monitor to maintain optimal insulin levels and others that go to dunkin donuts.

I have heard you make mention of this serval times clemson…could you go into to more detail on the use of blood glucose monitors in sprinting. I am thinking about looking into this further.

The use of blood glucose monitors is to lower your resting levels by testing various combos of foods and ratios so that your diet works for you. Low II foods and low GI foods may not respond the same to different bodies. Test it for yourself and then work on refining it.

(1) This will make you lean.
(2) This will make you more anabolic (in response to recovery spikes.)

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