Seoul Rematch

Hello everyone…

Just thought everyone would like to know that I have heard (from a VERY reliable source) that the race is ON but will be held in Europe in September.

You heard it here first…(as usual).

i cant wait, i think it will be good.

Thanks for the info Rupert! I was going to make a post last night about the race. Everyone is anticipating the Seoul rematch. Glad to hear that it on!! I also heard from a credible source, but I wanted to hear it from others.

Rupert any inside info on who’s singing the National Anthems at it?

I just got a brain wave …

I’m off to Eurosport and the BBC to see if I can get the rights to hold ‘Sprint Idol’ TM.

It’s where every week an athlete sings a song and we the public get to vote them off … whada ya tink?

How many out of the original are signed up to participate?

I’m excited, but I am surprised that Lewis is doing this. Maybe the money was too much to turn down, or maybe every other runner was signed on but him.

Personally I give the edge to Linford Christie or Dennis Mitchell, who are the youngest and retired most recently.

I think that Dennis will be the one to beat, but I wouldn’t over look Ben. I don’t care how old he is. Ben will drop a suprising time in the race.

i will be shocked if lewis shows up. linford, dennis and ben are my picks

Any idea what day in September it’ll be on? And what’s going on with broadcasting of the event?