Seoul Olympic Mens 200m Final

notice Atlee Mahorn of Canada finishing 5th in 20.39!

Many people know that SMTC ran 400s in training. However, after looking through some 1987 Texas Relays footage, I was shocked to see Joe DeLoach and Leroy Burrell (very trim) running 4x4s. DeLoach ran an apparent even split 45+ and Burrell low 46.

I’d be curious to know what type of work they were doing then. Particularly during this period (comp phase?). When serious, these guys could really run some 2s (Burrell’s 19.61 with 4+ wind in '90)!

Question: How much is technical proficiency a factor when you see DeLoach and Lewis in the video? A SMTC/Houston principle as Kebba once alluded to?

DeLoach - 10.35/9.40 19.75
Lewis - 10.31/9.48 19.79