Seminars / professional development

Ok, how many people on this forum go to seminars / symposiums?
Roughly how many per year?
What would is your dream seminar / symposium? Example: who would you like to see present/lecture?
What topics?
For the no-going crowd, is there a reason why you choose not to attend?
Would people rather read?
If so, what books are on the “must read” list?
Videos / DVD’s?
What form of professional development do most of the forum members choose?


I go to between 4 and 6 seminars or symposium per year.

Dream seminar is:
Ian King
Charles Poliquin
Charlie Francis
The Late Mel Siff

I love reading as well. My most recent “must read” list goes like this:

Modern Trends in Strength Training. Charles Poliquin

Speed Trap. Charlie Francis

The CFTS. Charlie Francis

Get Buffed. Ian King

Writing Strength Training Programs: A Practical Guide. Ian King

The Science and Practice of Strength Training. Vladimir Zatsiorsky

Supertraining. Mel Siff

Designing Strength Training Programs and Facilities. Michael Boyle

Diagnosis and Treatment of Movement Impairment Syndromes. Shirley Sahrrman

Is Get buffed any good? Is this any good for say a soft athlete during SPP?

How is Shirley Sahrrman’s stuff?

All of Ian King’s work is good. I think he’s a more practical Poliquin (and his sense of humor is great; similar to Charlie’s, at least from my perspective).

Shirley Sahrrman’s work is very good but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that it takes me time to understand everything in her book in-depth. It’s still a work in progress, but the book is definetly a gold mine.

You think Ian King is humerous? Have you met him? I find iian EXTREMELY serious.
Poliquin is funny. Period.Never a dull moment.

I think Ian’s books are very useful, especially for begginners as its explained in easy to understand format. We can use alittle more of that in my opinion.
First book, Get Buff, is very good for begginners, but I havent seen Vol 2 and 3 so cant comment.

Poliquins Modern Strength book is alright, but if you understand his articles or have attended his seminars then the book will be nothing more than a reference guide, but at $30 how can you complain?

Shirley Sarhmann is great. A must have. Books like this must be read a few times to understand but well worth it. A great book for $100. This coach is more for coaches than athletes.

What else? Keep them coming!


I think just some of the statements he makes (in all seriousness) come off as hilarious. Perhaps it’s because he’s from Australia and just communicates differently.

For example, when Ian talks about leg work and mentions things like the “tremendous feeling of pain” when any decent athlete would have vomited themselves silly at the point of fatigue he’s referring to. I find that hilarious.