Hi Ange, just trying to do a search on some things from the past (Marie-Jose Perec) and having no luck, any insight here please?

I made a thread about this a few weeks ago. It got alot of views but not one reply. I guess it wasn’t important. Good luck getting another reply or an answer.

The search box may not work properly but you probably did not know that this website is now being indexed by Google. That wasn’t the case before.
So just Google: marie jose perec

Thank you.

Brilliant! thank you very much !

Just in case Ange see this: odds are the search index has to be rebuilt what with the site rebuild and database and stuff. There is a bunch of under the hood crap involved with Vbulletin sometimes and little of it is intuitive or easy. But I believe there is an option to rebuild the index and that should fix the search box. This page explains how to do it. You just hit rebuild and give the program a bunch of hours to reindex everything.

Search sucks. Using google doesn’t help much. You should at least be able to find member’s posts

Type the member name in front >> lrl400

Works sometimes. Still won’t get all of the posts.