Search engine sucks...

Is there any way to incorporate a usable search engine?
I find myself visiting here less and less, as when I have a simple question that should easily be found by searching one word, the search engine fails almost everytime…

VERY frustrating and I don’t understand why it would be tolerated here?


in google. example: to search for 800m info you would input this in google. 800m

Again, this is really frustrating…I can’t find simple information using the search engine…I can’t find infomation using members names looking for their posts that I know have this information ( I have read them before).
I have bought just about every video and online book that this site sells, am I to post every question, then wait and hope for a reply?
I have gotten answers for 1 out of 3 posts right now…I have posted on another thread 2 times in the past 6 days without an answer… I know , I know… patience…


     what questions are you looking to be answered?   ill find out whats up with the search engine and ill get back to you ok.   you must understand the complete site was revamped by ange and full credit to her for keeping the site alive and we must respect this. not everything will be 100% be please understand


It’s a Vbulletin issue. Not a Charliefrancis forum issue.

the google thing works pretty well…

Isn’t a business?
Does it not use this site to sell its products and make a profit?
Does it not use the forum as a form of support for these products?

Then yes, I would say having a forum without a usable search engine is a charliefrancis forum issue.

I’m not whining, I’m not trying to start trouble, I just see this as frustrating and it seems odd to me to pic a forum format that does not work properly.

I am thrilled to have preserved over 3 million posts to continue a site I feel is worth while to continue.
Is there more to be done?
Certainly. Not much has been done yet that needs to be done.
Thank-you for your feedback.

Every website I go to utilizes google’s search abilities now. I don’t understand what the problem is. You have done a great job Angela! Keep up the good work!


Thanks, great tip, finally a way to search this site effectively.