Scottyo: Indoor preparation!


decided to post a journal so everyone can check out my training and put me right where im going wrong. Im without a coach now so im gonna need every bit of help;

-20 yr old, 1 yr training age
-PRs 400m-51.9, 200m-24.0

  • Poor strength
  • Season cut short with hip and lower ab injuries

my indoor meets are at the end of january and end of february with one open meet just after new year. My original plan was the following;

GPP: Mid august-mid october (8 weeks)
SPP: Mid october-mid january (8 weeks)
Pre Comp:Mid december- mid jan (about 4 weeks)
Competition:Mid january- End of feb. (about 6 weeks)

However, i dont really have anything to do until GPP starts so ill probably build into my GPP , regaining mobility and fitness base as ive had a 6 week layoff with injury.

GPP is set up like the following;

Monday: Tempo
Tuesday: AM: Accel dev & plyos (introduced in 2nd half of GPP)420m,330m from 3 pt, 320m from crouching, Standing LJ 23, stnd TJ 22
PM: weights-Clean- 35, bench, squat- 38, 2 aux lifts 28
Wed: Tempo
Thursday: AM: Intensive Tempo:3
300m (in 45-47)w/ 2mins, 5mins rest, then 4200m walkround rec. in 30, PM weights
Saturday: AM: Hills: 6
120-150 m with 5 mins rec at 80-85% plus plyos as monday.
PM: Weights

Im gonna start with weights this week, then start tempo&GS the next and then begin with the hard running work later on and hopefully begin the full blown GPP in august sometime.

Thats it until i start later this week doing weights (aiming for an improvement in technique before any good gains)!

Critiques/ comments very welcome!

First weights session after 6 weeks layoff. Not good!! I have lost a ridiculous amount of strength in squats and bench, cleans seem better. Anyway today went like this;

Squats- 38 @ 60kg (could have gone alot heavier for 8 but decided to minimise soreness- however, it wasnt as easy as id have expected in the last set)
Hang Cleans- 3
5 @ 60kg
Bench- 38 @ 50kg (thought this would be ridiculously easy, turns out im now ridiculously weak!!!)
Lat pulls- 50kg- 2
Seated dumbell press- 15kgs- 2*8

None of the above was done with a particularly massive amount of effort, it was just harder than i would have liked it to be. Intensity will increase gradually in the coming sessions. Next session is on thursday, will be front squats, cleans, military press, seated rows (machine) and laterals.

Due to work and stuff, had to move thursdays workout to saturday

Front squats- 38- 50kg- wrists hurt on this one, just need to get used to them again
Military Press- 3
Powercleans- 35- 60kg (not too heavy)
Seated rows (machine)- 2
8 (not sure of weight)
Laterals- 2*8

Session felt ok, im still no where near good strength levels cos of the layoff. Im still feeling my inury a bit- apparently i jammed my pubis bone which led to one hip being higher than the other when i was running, messing up my lower abdominals…they are still really sore when i do any running so i think its back to the therapist for me. Until i can run again, ill carry on with the weights which dont seem to aggravate it. Next workout is on monday i hope.

:smiley: YAY! I finally think my injury is getting better, my abs are no where near as painful after a running workout! I think its due to the fact that im doing alot of GS stuff which has strengthened my core.

Anyway, ive introduced some tempo running now (workout lifted from the E book)- 100+100+100, 100+100+200+100, 100+100+200+200, 100+100+200+100, 100+100+100. The workouts feel a little strange, i get a good cardio workout but i feel like im running too slow! After i do some GS work…3 sets of 15- push ups, sit ups, free squats, burpees and then some knee lifts as well as a good static stretch/flexibility session at the end.

Ill be carrying on with the tempo and hypertrophy weights for a couple of weeks until i go into a fully fledged GPP for 6 weeks (changed the length as i dont really want to be doing an extended period of intensive tempo).

Thats it for now, next week its alternating tempo and weights. I am worried about making my injury worse so im not including any hills or accel work yet.

Will post soon!

Was planning on doing weights on monday and tempo tuesday but the coach from my club phoned me up and asked if i wanted to do a session on tuesday so i left off the weights.

Todays session was horrible- 24200m with 3 mins rest and 10 between sets- stupid intensive tempo style!

Times were- 25,26,27,27 and 26,27,27,29 (first one was a bit macho!)- i felt ok fitness wise as it is my first intensive running workout (above 70 percent) in 8 weeks. However, my dam abs hurt badly now (supposed i asked for it doing intensive tempo) and will have to see the physio soon as my injury is not getting better (not getting worse either but thats besides the point)

Anyway, im gonna give myself wed to recover and hopefully do some ext tempo on grass on thurs and back to weights again on friday! This week has been messed!


Went with my group on thursday again as my lower abs seemed good. The session was 5*300m w/ 8 mins-for someone so unfit this was hard!

1- 38.5
2- 39.2
3- 42.X (had 10 mins after this one)
4- 40.X
5- (the world was spinning at this point so i decided to sit this one out)

Not too disappointed with times considering its my 1st full week back training. Hopefully ill be doing all sub 40 soon and the first one (hopefully) in around 37. Fingers crossed my injury holds together!

Friday- weights (upper body, BB style stuff)

This included dumbell press, upright rows, laterals, lat pulls, rows, hypers etc…- workout went ok.

Saturday- OFF… Took my resting pulse at 46 BPM and weighed in at around 162 pounds (lightest ive been for years)…Tomorrow its back to the track with the coach…probably some sick intensive session…my money is on 6*120 off 5 mins- outcome will probably be a severe hammering my my 11.0 100m friend! Oh well :frowning:


Well, turns out the workout was 10*200m broken down like this;

6200m (2mins rest)- 28-32 secs (80%)
200m (5mins rest)- 25-26 secs (90%+)
2*200m (5 mins plus rest)- 90% for first 80m then last 120 was 100%

Workout went ok, injury felt worse after though but i get to see a physio (finally) on tues!

Monday- weights- Bench, Incline bench, Lat pulls, db press, light squats and med ball sit ups.

Tuesday is a track workout…no idea what is planned but probably something like 30,000 300m with 10 seconds rest or something. My coach also wants me to run a meet on the 18th which is 400m only…not sure what im going to do yet as i doubt im in comp shape!

Saw a physio on tuesday who advised me to lay off the running and weights for a couple of weeks while i have ultrasound and do rehab stuff. She told me that the cause of my pain was down to small tears in the region and regular icing, stretching and ultrasound will sort it out in about 10 days…oh well…until then its no training! :mad: This injury period is so frustrating i cant even find words to describe! Not being able to run let alone compete is killing me, ive experienced so many doubts recently about my goals and whether they will ever be achieved. Ill post when i get back to training.