Scott Peterson : What's the verdict going to be?

We all know he did it, but for fun, what will the verdict be?

How do you know? Not through a thorough police investigation, that’s for sure.

He going to jail now.

Still find it disturbing when they don’t question all the witnesses and follow up. If they did they could eliminate any possible alternative explanation.
Also disturbing that there is a hung jury till they turf two off. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure they were in favour of aquittal (as was a third released earlier.) Also, in Canada, they would never let a lawyer on the jury in the first place, as it’s known that a lawyer is very hard to convince “beyond a reasonable doubt”, which, I assume was the case here.

Tribute to Laci…

Don’t get me wrong! I think he’s guilty- but I believe that a death penalty case must be handled by the book and thoroughly. If he’s guilty, every avenue the police go down cuts off a potential line of defence, so what’s the harm in doing things right?

Charlie- I know i’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, I just like posting for fun…

From the article:
“The jury also agreed on a “special circumstance” that calls for capital punishment — namely that he killed another person — the fetus — while committing a felony — the intentional and premeditated killing of his wife.”

I don’t know much about law and stuff, but how does killing a fetus count as murder when people get abortions all the time? He deserves the death penalty regardless IMO but it still doesn’t make sense to me.

can someone clarify this for me…

there are murders all the time, why does this specific case get national news coverage?

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  1. he’s white, suburban, nice guy gone wrong… it makes a sensational, “good” story for the media

  2. the fact that he was also charged with the murder of the unborn child means that the verdict could possibly have implications for abortion issues

I bet ol’ Scott wishes he had O.J.'s jury.

He wouldn’t be better of with that jury- wrong colour, but he got the same kind of cops, working backwards from their target instead of forwards following the evidence.

Somtimes the justice system works properly, and this case is one of those instances. At the very least it got the verdict right.

As to the jury, dear old Scotty-Boy couldn’t have asked for one that was more representative of socio-economic class. Suburban, middle-income (+), and largely white, they saw him for what he is, premeditated killer.

The best part of this sad situation is that either potential sentance will be hell for Scotty. Life sends him to Pelican Bay, the most miserable pen. in the California system; 23 hours a day in solitary confinement and the bleakest weather you can find on the west coast (fog and rain 9-10 months a year). It also has the worst M-F’s on the planet. A death sentance sends him to San Quientin where he will be able to look out directly onto the place where he dumped Laci’s (and his future son’s) body, while waiting for the needle which he may actually get as he’s young enough that all his appeals will be exhuasted before he expires on his own.

This low-life got exactly what he desereved. End of story.

Being from Australia I’m not sure of how the court case has been done. But Charlie mentioned two juries being turfed off. How? and Why?

My law lecturer told me that you sooner see 10 guilty men go free than jail one innocent one. I would of thought that any innocent and court case would dot all the i and cross all the t for a death penalty case.

Or am I dillusional?

No dichotomy with regard to the dismissal of the jurors. The first was droped for doing her own research which is strictly forbibben (judge;s instructions). The circumstances around the other aren’t as clear, but he is an attorney who seemed intent on making the rest listen to him read through his 1000’s of pages of notes as if they hadn’t been paying attention.

This was a righteous conviction.

A Reckoning.

Just by chance, my wife had a couple of conversations about this and another case. Regarding Peterson, one of her clients is a judge who’s been following the case. Her comment: “I hope they’re right” Funny everyone is so much more certain than she is.
The second was a fellow she ran into at a restaurant who had been a suspect in the Allison Perrot murder case here in Toronto. This was a very sad case involving the rape-murder of a 10 year old 16 years ago. He was questionned and beaten by police and they came around his work enough to get him fired. Apparently,he believed he was the only person this was happening to, but there were two more I know of who were “questionned”, one moderately and one far more closely. With the advent of DNA testing, the real culpret was caught about two years ago and is now in jail. he was of course, NOT one of the three suspects, whose lives had been permanently affected.

I understand Charlie. No recoverable DNA left behind, no murder weapon, no witness, no confession, no physical evidence that proved anything. All they had was her body in a bay where her husband goes fishing - and both of them 90 miles from home. Perhaps that sealed his fate.

Or perhaps it was his playboy ways.

Or perhaps, what many of my judge and lawyer clients tell me. When a judge and jury look the accused day in day out and see his face, his mannerisms and his attitude it can add to the judge and jury’s descision process. His cocky, self-assured smirks and smiles may have been his undoing as much as his infidelity or his wife’s body turning up in his fishing hole.

One of O.J.'s lawyers Robert Shapiro said something to the effect that after the OJ trial that in order for our system to work, in order for the innocent to be protected against a wrongful verdict, sometimes guilty people go free.

Perhaps in this case California decided that wasn’t going to happen this time.

I think his biggest undoing was being dumb enough to dump her body in a spot that he frequents. That was the only thing that made me question his guilt, as everything else seemed to fit perfectly. But why, oh why, would he dump the body and then ADMIT to being there?