Science Of Speed

Is it a decent program?


Never heard of it.

Science of Speed - well I amno scientist, but most of the one I know get research grants to study for example ‘Why or how do Bumblebees Fly’ the answer is they can’t.

We know different.

it is a speed workout program, i could post it if you like so you can critisize it.

That would be good.

I may not be able to critcise it, but I will look at it. Other more experienced people probably will comment.

I own it and find it to be pretty good, I am not a sprinter though…I was doing it for basketball and I was moving quicker …the kid who did it for a year and a half took his 40 time from 5.2 to 4.3

Yea i’m not a sprinter either. Well here it is:


Form Stepping
In this drill, you should bring your knee up high an kick out from the waist, in an exagerated walk. Swing your arms up and down as you walk, making sure to use an open hand to slice through the air. Also swing your arms from you head to behind you, trying to explode with your elbows.

Triangle Footwork Drill

This drill has you trying to move your feet as fast as possible. Set up 3 pieces of tape is the shape of a triangle. Look at the diagrams. R= right leg, L= Left Leg. Try to do this with accuracy (stepping on the pieces) and speed.

First Step
xR xL

Second Step
xR x

Third Step
xR xL

Fourth Step
x xL

Fifth Step
xR xL

Step Drag
This is basically just a defensive side step. While ina defensive stance, take a big step to one sie, then drag your other foot over. Do this to the right, then left, and then to the front. This is one rep.

Foot Fire
Stand in one place and move your feet as fast as possible.

Seated arm swings
Sit on the ground with your legs stretched out. Swing your arms as fast as possible with good form and range of motion.

Shake an Bake
Jog for 10 yards, making every part of your body loose an wiggling all over. Then burst into a full sprint for 20 yars.

Baseline Shadow
Have 2 people stand facing each other. The person on offense moves up and down the baseline, trying to fake out teh defender. The defender’s job is to stay with him

High Knee Carioca
This exercise is hard to explain, but most should know it. It is when you move sideways, by first puting the outer leg in front of the opposite leg, then behind it. Bring your knee as high as possible.

ZigZag Runs
Have 4 cones in a line or spaced out on angles, 10-15 from each other. Concentrate of keeping center of gravity low + cutting hard around the cones.

Overspeed Runs
You need a 10-15 degree sloped running plane, or an assited running device. I think they sell some at Run straight as fast as you can. Now, you will be going at your max speed + the force pushing you forward by teh rope.

Bar Twist Plyos
Put a bar on your shoulders and twist from side to side



Form Stepping 2 20 yards
Triangle FWD 2 20 seconds
Step Drag 2 5 reps each way
Foot Fire 2 20 seconds
Seated Arm Swings 2 20 seconds
Shake + Bake 4 10yards/ 20 yard sprint
Baseline Shadow 2 20 sec off/deff
High Knee Carioca 2 20 yards
Zig Zag Runs 4 4 cones
Overspeed runs 5-8
Bar Twist Plyos 2 8

where can i read more about the science of speed?


if your interested in doing the program i definitley reccomend buying the video…you really need it to understand the exercises ad get all the tips they talk about in the video

Shake an Bake
Jog for 10 yards, making every part of your body loose an wiggling all over. Then burst into a full sprint for 20 yars.

What is the principle behind this.

Teaching your body to be able to react and change to a sprint when your body is completely relaxed.

I cry bull shit…training is too broad…and if the program is so good (read the 5.2 to 4.3 improvment) why are colleges not making it the standard?

I dont know, but I have science of stretching, jumping, and science…and they are all pretty good. Stretching is just basic pnf stretching and the jumping is shock plyos. The speed program is the best in my opinion though. They show the kid run the 40 and hes like 16 and hes real fast.

I only saw the strength and jumping workouts…to make it short, they aren’t worth the money. You’ll find more AND better information on the internet.

Did anybody get quicker or whatever benefits there is from it actually?

Anytime someone starts talking about speed while introducing a target (increasing paralysis by analysis) and, of course, my personal favourite peeve- OVERSPEED- I tune out.
The seated arm swing drill is good though- it’s been around for many years and I’ve used it myself. It prevents you from opening out at the elbow during the backswing. You may have to make some adjustments for torso/arm length by putting a small pad under the butt in some cases, so the arms can swing freely without lifting/tightening the shoulders.

I used to do that “open out at the elbow during backswing” I finally corrected the problem when I noticed this during a video taped session of cones. I took a long time to pickup. I was just learning at that point. I like the drill. Good for begginers to pick up correct arm swing. I assume these drills would be somewhat exagerated at slower speeds. Am I right. Also would you say this is a common mistake among beginners?

I always thought it was ok for the arms to open at the bottom of the stroke. If this happens naturally, why would you do a drill that prevents it? To me this drill would teach keeping the arms at 90 all the time; And when looking at video of most sprinters this is not the case. However,should keeping the arms at 90 be the goal?

The arms should open up on the backswing. This is to mimic the flexion/extension that is happening at the hips(Pfaff).

See any good sprinter e.g Frankie and they will definitely open up as the arm travels backward.

Also, Charlie, when you’re going with the philosophy of emphasising the downward movement of the hands, then isn’t this going to lead to the arm opening up?

The arms opening up is not something intentional. I think Charlie is using the drill for the athlete to get a feel for what they think the arms should be doing. They will open up from force, not by design. If the athlete tries to open them up at the backswing they will end up with too much backside mechanics in the legs. Its just a cueing tool. Probably not one that you would give to an athlete with a very close in arm action. More one you would prescribe to someone who runs like they are doing the Charleston.