Schnig's training

5’8 170

Squat: 385->450
Bench 245->300
dips/pullups 18->30
Vert: 31"->36"
40y dash: 4.8->4.5

The plan:
Weeks 1-8: Lacrosse season, accumulation weights
Weeks 8-16: GPP
Weeks 16-21: MaxS
Weeks 21-28: Maintenance/conversion

A1) BW squats
A2) seal jumps
A3) wide-outs
A4) gate swings
A5) scissor jumps
B1) BW squat iso’s
B2) side lunge iso’s
B3) leg swings -all directions
C1) reverse lunge w/ twist
C2) floor bridge
C3) stepups
C4) scorpions

Abs circuit 1:
-side bends
-straight-leg overs

Abs circuit 2:
-straight-leg situps
-incline twisting situps

Accumulation phase (Wks 1-8), all exercises done 3x10-12r, workouts 3-6x/week alternating UB/LB depending on game schedules:

UB1: incline press, dips, supinated pullups, bent-over rows
UB2: bench press, military press, pronated pullups, chest-supported row
LB1: Back squat, sldl
LB2: front squat, weighted hypers

-multi-vit, 1000mg VitC daily

WEEK 1 HI session 1

Rebound jumps off chair: 8x5r

Power cleans: 135x3, 155 3x3, 175x3
Squats: 310 2x4, 325x3, 345x2
Reverse lunge: 145 2x8
Bench press: 190 2x4, 200x3, 210 2x2
Rows: 2x8

No speed work because of sore hammy…If snow continues like they predict I will probably have to wait until late February when I go to FLorida to get a 40y time :frowning: .

WEEK 1 HI Session 2

Speed: 2x (4x30m)

hang clean: 135 2x3, 150 2x3, 165 1x3
Squat: 310x3, 325x3
Bench: 190 2x3, 200x3
rows: 2x8

A bit sore today…


Med ball overheads x20
med ball forwards x20

reverse lunge: 155 2x8
bulgarian split squats: 80lbs 2x8
goodmornings: 265lbs 2x8
SLDL: 245 2x10

…ice bath like a motha

Fri 1/28:

Jump rope 1.5min rounds x10 w/ depletion work, abs in between:

chinups - 10, 7, 5
dips - 12, 10, 10
pushups - 25, 20, 18
rows - 20, 16, 12


Speedwork: 8x40m

med ball overheads x20
med ball forwards x20

Squats 275 5x5
goodmornings 185 2x10
sldl 275 2x10


tempo 2240m

chinups 14, 10, 8
dips 18, 14, 12
rows 20, 15, 13
pushups 30, 23, 18

Tue 2/1: Heavy post. chain/light squat

med ball forwards x20
med ball backwards x20

snatch-grip dead 245 3x3, 265 3x3
reverse lunge 175 2x8
DB split squat 90 2x8

med ball cct. x4

strength continues to climb…

Wed 2/2

tempo 2000m

chinups 17, 12, 10
dips 20, 16, 12
rows 20, 16, 15
pushups 30, 25, 22

Fri 2/4: speed, heavy squat, light post. chain

1300m jog + lunge mobility
4x30m 3min. rest

max vertical jumps x10 (1min. btwn reps, touched rim on all but two)

medball forwards 2x5
medball backwards 2x5 (hit new pr)

Squats 5x5 (275, 275, 275, 295, 315)
RDL 225x10, 275x8
hypers: 1x20 holding 45lb plate, 1x15 holding medball behind head

…made some changes to overall plan and diet…will prob continue to make changes as I am insecure about the effectiveness of this program

2/5 Conditioning/upper body depletion

Some swimming, nothing serious, then
tempo ~2000m

chinups 10-10-8-8, then
5x2 w/ 10s eccentric (1min. rest)

dips 12-12-6-6-6 1min rest

CS-row: 10s hold at top, 10s eccentric x4r,3r,2r
supersetted w/ 8-6-4 regular reps, 70lbs, :45s rest

pushups: ascending sets 8-10-12-14-16r :20s rest, then 10s eccentric, 10s hold at bottom for 4-3-2-1 reps, :45 rest.

750 abs

This workout was a great break from the mindless depletion grind of 3sets to failure…fun and challenging…

2/6 Speed/heavy post. chain/light squat

8x30m hills

hang cleans 8x2 (115, 135, 135, 155, 155, 185, 205)
Deadlifts 4x5 (225, 315, 345, 355)
reverse lunge 2x10 (135, 155)


2/7 Tempo/upper depletion:

tempo: 5x320m, 5x160m interspersed

chinup: 15, 7, 4 w/ 90s rest
pullup cluster: 10x3 w/ :45-:60 rest

pushups to diamond pushups: 10-10, 10-8, 10-6, 10-2 w/ 60s rest
pushups asending: 8-10-12-12
450 abs

Just thought I’d update on my progress so far (since 11/10):
chinups: 5->15
squat: 315-385
Deadlift: 385->445
Bench: 205->235
VJ: 26"->30"
bodyweight: 173-168

2/8 Speed/Heavy squat/light post.chain

8:00 jog, then
2x30m hills warm-up
6x30m hills all-out w/3-4min. rest

hang clean 5x2 (135, 135, 155, 175, 185) 195x1
Squats 5x5 (275, 295, 315, 315, 315)
hypers (holding 25lb. plate behind head): 2x12, 1x11

My hamstring felt progressively worse on each sprint. I shut it down on the 6th rep as it felt like it was going to snap…I’ve also decided that I hate doing hang cleans, my form sucks, and I’m going to do medball throws instead…I don’t know why I stopped doing them in the first place…

2/9 Tempo/upper body

tempo: 10x200y :30 rest

chinups: 17, 7, 4 :90 rest
pullup cluster: 10x3 w/:40 rest
pushup to diamond pushup: 10-10, 10-8, 10-6, 10-4, 10-2, 12-0, w/ 1:00 rest

Finally some grass!..A warm spring day in the middle of February?

2/11 Speed/Heavy post. chain/light squat

Parisi warm-up, 3x30m strides, then
Flying 20m x4
Flying 30m x2

med ball throws: omitted because of hamstring problems
Deadlifts 4x5 (315, 355, 365, 375)
reverse lunge 2x8 ea leg (155)

Second session in a row I’ve been hampered with lower hamstring pain. My only thought is that the lower region of my hamstrings is very weak compared to my upper hamstrings. I will add natural GHR’s every day from now on and resume speed work only when I feel I’ve gained enough strength in this movement.


Testing Day:

40y dash: 4.96(warm-up), 4.85 (injury)

This totally sucks. Running my forty, I felt a “pop” in my hamstring at about 30y, and still came through with a 4.85.

My coach is a legit timer, as most everyone on the team were running times above 5.0. He even timed one of our lineman at 5.90! Only one other kid on my team hit a 4.8, but what’s disappointing is that if the injury didn’t happen, I would of at least had something in the 4.7’s, giving me the fastest time on my team.

It sucks too because my hamstring was starting to feel better over the last five days, and I was just beginning to feel motivated about training again…Ironically, my foam roller came today but it will take a back seat to many ice baths over the next few days…

2/17 Rehab/Upper body

15 minutes on stationary bike
10 minutes on elliptical
tried some jogging but my hamstring wasn’t ready so I did…

circuit x8:
slow BW squats x10
jumping jacks x30
seal jumps x30

Bench press 135x6, 185x4, 205x2, 225x1
chinups: 18, 10, 8
chest-supported row: 3 plates 3x3
pushup to diamond pushup: 10-10, 10-8, 10-6, 10-4, 10-2, 14-0

…ice compression and foam roller on hips, glutes, back, IT band, quads

2/18 Rehab - 3 days after injury

Bike 20 minutes
treadmill walking (with the power off) 10 minutes
tread mill jogging (4.0-4.5spd) 10min.
light A skips/side shuffle with minimal knee bend

circuit x6:
BW squats (much faster than yesterday)
jumping jacks x30
seal jumps x30

foam roller: quads, hip flexors, IT band, lower & upper back, light roll on injury site
Lots of microstretching of the injured area

On the road to recovery…will discontinue ice from here on in…

2/19 Rehab/Upper body

Bike 15 minutes

Bench press 135x6, 185x3, 205x3, 225x2
upright row 3x10
Bent-over row 3x20

walking treadmill push x100 steps
A skips 30m
situps x15

ton of microstretching on injured area, hip flexors, glutes, quads, grion

Going to Florida tomorrow, will be back Saturday to hopefully get in my first heavy training session in since the injury…I can’t wait…just jogging & BW exercises for this week