scar tissue

Can scar tissue be broken up even a year after the injury.Secondly I was told I may have fibrosis in my left Hamstring is it he same thing as scar tissue.


I’m guessing if it’s possible - it is going to hurt real bad.

Does it still affect you, it may be a case of letting it be

Well i did an ultrasound and they said that is the probable cause of the pain in my legs when sitting down and it affects e sometimes when running.


I will leanve this up somebody better qualified then myself.

Sorry thats it’s causing you problems

Fibrositis is a form of Rheumatism I had it myself. It reacts badly to cold and can get worse, it can be treated effectively with heat therapy.
As for breaking down scar tissue I do not know but it can be removed, Tennis player Tim Henman recently had some removed from his shoulder and his ROM increased straight away.