Saw a website with some hard copies of the CF book

As it says

i bought mine from there… its legit…
but if you are in the U.S. it takes long. i think mine took about 3 weeks.


Remember your copy was missing a chart…shortly we will be re-releasing the complete reprint of CFTS (by popular demand). This copy may include a preview chapter of Charlie’s new training manual (did I say that?).




Is there a release date on the new training manuel yet?

There is no release date…once its ready a release date will be placed on the website.

Thank you,


will the manual have a autographed photo of Charlie like Chris T’s new book?

Will yours Clemson?

I’m sure Charlie would be happy to sign copies of anything he publishes…make this request at order time.

As for Clemson, when is the release date of the new manual expected? We can’t wait to see it.




The first manual is a gathering of common and specialized flexibility methods for speed and power athletes (distance athletes can benefit as well because of pattern overload). This will examine the following self administered techniques

Self Myofasical Release
Self PNF
Self Static with ropes
Self postures (yoga type movements)

all of this is for constructing personal flexiblity programs based on a few elements. If you like my psoas stretch stuff you will like this manual.

Other projects…

Hormonal Nutrition (bloodwork and Glucose Monitoring)

Mobility and Dynamic Flexiblity

Power Exercises

Structural Strength training

Regeneration Methods

and more…

I am using as my printer and virtual store. When they offer this service (it should be soon if you check the site) I will be able to sell it. As for my site it should be up soon…but little things such as font color and naming tracking and comment on the post have to be finalized.

When is the reprint due to be released? I would like to get a copy or two soon. Thanks,

to rupert and others…
the place that coolj posted where i bought mine from the book is callled “training for speed” not cfts and you can see if you click the link. And yes as Rupert said there is a diagram or 2 missing. Why that is is still a mystery.

Chris T’s newbook? what is the name of it???

I originally got “training for speed” 4 or 5 years ago (I think?). I bought it because it was the first real sprint book I found in a bookshop.

I also have CFTS and Speed Trap.

If you want a hard copy get it, but the e-book is okay.

Originally posted by Timothy Lane
Chris T’s newbook? what is the name of it???