Sanya richards

I’m sure Richards is very upset right now.

1 4 Christine Ohuruogu GBR 49.62 (SB) 0.237
2 6 Shericka Williams JAM 49.69 (PB) 0.207
3 7 Sanya Richards USA 49.93 . 0.196

She tied up bad…!had a good lead into the home straight aswell.

I like Sanya…but after all the negative trash talking she did about Christine (“she’s lucky to even be at the games etc…”) I think she got her just desserts…:wink: I’m all up for trash talking but some of the remarks she made would have pissed off a saint…

Well Done Christine!!

Great Britain has done it again. got Rooney into the men’s final also with a PB on the day.
Seemed as if Richards made a bit of a sudden move at 100m or so where, in the economy run, gradual is the name of the game. Anyone else notice it? I thought either she’d demolish the field and she was just that strong relative to the rest or that it was ill advised. Looks like the latter. Ohurougu timed it just right cause she had absolutely nothing left at the end.

Sanya looked pissed on the podium, but if you’re gonna line up with them stupid arm things, your hair down and run tight the whole way you are gonna get beat.

Well done Christine!!

Trash talking, update me?

The “arm things” and her hair down didnt have anything to do with it, ask FLO JO.

Yep, Christine saved our asses again. This year there’ll be no miracles in the relays. One more medal and we’re done…

They probably don’t in reality but, mentally, in a final i wouldn’t wanna give anything away.

Didn’t Flo Jo wear a hood in the semi’s at Seoul though? Even so, Flo Jo had that race in the bag before it started, Sanya looked sooooo nervous before the start, i knew then Christine could get her and she did!

Personally, I don’t like the idea of an athlete being talked into a promo thing that’s new in the final. Adds pressure you dont need. Flo-Jo wore the silly costume in the heats but not the final. As for the “hair down”. For women, looking good always helps IMO (them, I mean, not just me!)

Sanya’s socks fell down though, that weren’t such a good look…

I removed the last message. Prevent’s me from loosing my cool and saying something in reply.

No probs… i understand…you and me both!..:smiley:

BEIJING - Sanya Richards, the American favorite in the women’s 400m, led the race until the final stretch Tuesday evening, when a leg cramp slowed her to a third-place finish.

Christine Ohuruogu of Great Britain won in 49.62. (Full results)

Richards said her cramp came 20 meters into the final straightaway.

“I thought, ‘Oh no, not now,’” she said. “I hoped to have a big enough cushion to pull through, but it just got tighter and tighter.”
(posted Tuesday 7:17AM EST. They must be psychic).

since her early pace was fast could this have caused the cramps?

Certainly. there was no need for such a pace. First you need to win and then worry about time.

Christine winning the race and not her caused “those cramps” …

Her race disribution is always excellent…Wow, you would have thought it, world and olympic 400m champion. And i garantee before last years worlds, Sanya and no one else were thinking about this woman…

well done!

And Silver for Germaine Mason in high jump! This is Britains best Olympics since 1908, third in the medals table atm. Athletics is still below what it should be though…

A big turn-around with London coming up


British cycling should be looked at closely by other disciplines because it has been a white-wash in the veladrome… 7 gold’s to the nearest rivals 1…

There’ll never get all the sprinters training in 1 city (and under one coaching team)