Sania Mirza - Indian Tennis Player

20 year old Sania has become a symbol for women’s Tennis in India. Recently she has started training under a South African trainer called Matthews a physio by profession.

She has her fair share of injuries which could be a result of bad program design with too much Tennis at a young age and not paying enough attention to power and strength work.

Her frequent ankle injuries could also be a result of over training her ankle with lateral speed work instead of focusing on linear speed work and leaving the lateral work to playing Tennis.

I read a recent article ( not the link above) where the trainer says his emphasis on training is cardio vascular fitness. He says that since she plays for over two hours she needs to recover quickly (?) He also says she needs recover quickly when she is playing Russian girls who are much stronger!!

My point is, if she is playing stronger opponents should not her trainer be looking at training her explosive power, speed and strength instead of this focus on cardio vascular training and the fallacy of recovery? Whats the point in being slower & less powerful than her opponent and then recovering?

Great insight. Unfortunately people are still thinking they gotta run 5K to get conditioned for tennis, volleyball, basketball, etc…