sample workout

Can someone help me out. I informed my coach today that i will be transfering out of our program at the end of the year. Im still allowed to use our weight room, but will not be training with the team (program sucked anyway) Can anyone help me out and give me a sample weights and running program to get me started for the next week or two. id really appreciate it. I play linebacker and really need work on unilateral leg strength and the VMO on my left left (atrophied since 2x ACL recontruction) thanks in advance.


I’d say just do Kenn’s tier system right now. 101pro gave a general outline in the Hatch thread. You can do the 3x5 version. That book should help.
For running, you should check out xlr8’s preparing for combine thread.

If you check the thread out Tiers 4 and 5 are usually unilateral/mobility type movements (1 leg squat, split style oly’s and all sortsa dumbbells)

I checked out Xlr8’s outline and it seems good, the volume seems very low. Perosnally i like my volume to be higher than his was, i dont tend to respond well to very low volume like that. Also, he didnt do much conditioning work, that is my biggest concern is my conditioning as it the weakest part of my game. any suggestions would be appreciated. I dont have Kenn’s book yet it should be here by the end of the week. thanks


If you do 3x5, there is plenty of volume with Kenn’s system. I think he was more concerned with speed, which I’d think you would be as well as a LB.

Anyway, if you’re lifting MWF under the tier system, for conditioning do intensive tempo on T and extensive tempo on Th. Make it appropriate for football with distances and volume. If you wanted to do speed work, that’d need to be on your lifting days, since no other days would be available under a MWF split.

You must be the guy, john, on elitefts. You got kicked out of the weight room. Sucks. Did my PM get to you? Did it all make sense? Good luck with your endeavor.

I would focus on conditioning as part of your GPP, then when you get into SPP, you can focus on specific preparation as opposed to sucking wind and wasting all of your CNS reserves on ‘conditioning.’ First get in shape to train, then train…

What do you recommend for conditioning other than tempo?
Also what parameters are suitable for tempo for FB players?

I guess it depends on what you are trying to accomplish. My point is that if you are out of condition, then you should address this first before you start serious training.

Then, tempo in-season really just becomes nice easy recovery work and helps to maintain the levels of conditioning that you have already achieved.

If it’s been the off-season for awhile and an athlete is starting GPP, what do you like for conditioning? Not completely out of shape, but say about 70-80% of playing level.

Well, GPP essentially is conditioning work to some extent. As far as ideas for conditioning, one could simply do the “big tempo circuit” which is just running.

Another good option is to get a medicine ball, head out to the field and throw it around as many ways as you can think of. Keep moving (jog/tempo) to the ball between throws. Depending on the intensity of the throws and how fast you move between the throws, this can be really easy to really intense.