Sample Circuits and Workouts

It has been discussed already in the Italian Sprint Training thread, but how about we really get things started. Here is a core circuit a coach gave me that is very challenging and I think very good during a GPP phase for overall conditioning and development:

Core Circuit
-Iron Cross 3 x 40
-Seated Medball Rotations 4 x 50
-Sprinter sit-ups 4 x 30
-Bar Sit-ups 4 x 15*
-Crossover sit-ups 4 x 20

*For bar sit-ups, try to get a broom stick and start by lying flat on your back with your hands over your head, holding the dowel/stick/bar whatever. Try to SLOWLY contract your abs and perform the rep.

Any other core circuits that people like to perform? What about sprint work people here like when facilities are lacking (about 40m indoors or less) for acceleration and max velocity development?

8 Different exercises performed like this:
30s burst then 30s rest, then, change exercise,
3x8 total, of course, low weights.