Sally Pearson's 12.49

Cumulative times Cumulative time (s) of each athlete compared to winning athlete’s cumulative time at each post hurdle touch down and finish

                                                0 - H1	0 - H2	0 - H3	0 - H4	0 - H5	0 - H6	0 - H7	0 - H8	0 - H9	0 - H10	0 - Finish

2.55 3.55 4.53 5.51 6.47 7.44 8.41 9.39 10.38 11.41 12.49

This run by SALLY PEARSON was in the Aussie Olympic Trials final with a 0.8m/s tailwind, on a cold night (about 16C) on a wet track at Lakeside stadium in Melbourne 3 March 2012

OK, unfortunately the graph refuses to line up properly for me, so sorry folks but maybe someone smarter with these things can cut n paste and everyone can work from that.

The way I figure, Sally needs to find about a metre if not more to claim the $50,000 bonus for a world record in the 60m Hurdles at the World Indoor Championships at Istanbul this weekend. The 6th hurdle outdoors is, I am advised, on the 55m mark (not 60m, sadly). Susannah Kallur holds the WIR at 7.68sec. Sally clocked 7.44sec to H6 but this is a touchdown time, so she landed perhaps a metre beyond the barrier. So she still has to run about 4 metres in about 0.24sec based on direct comparisons between what she ran last weekend (with a little tailwind) and what she needs to run “just” to equal the indoor WR. ADD TO THAT DEGREE OF DIFFICULTY IS THE FACT sALLY HAS JUST TRAVELLED HALFWAY AROUND THE WORLD TO GET TO ISTANBUL and that she has raced only once before indoors, a couple of years ago in New York. kk

When LoLo Jones ran 7.72s at the 2010 World Indoor Champs, her time at the 5th hurdle was 6.42s, i.e. 0.05s faster than Sally’s time at this hurdle according to the above splits. This is, of course, assuming that these splits were taken in a comparable manner. Whether she can break the WR or not will probably depend on how specifically she has prepared for these championships. With a proper taper, the record may well be within reach.

Kallur’s 7.68s WIR is pretty special she was on track that season to give the outdoor WR a big shake had she not suffered those stress fractures which ended up finishing her career. Based on Sally’s 7.44s to 56m (assumming a 1m touch down) if she maintains that 12.49s speed that adds 0.42 - 0.46s for the next 4m giving her 7.84-7.90s. But considering the cold weather and wet track in that 12.49s run move to an inddor sprung floor with competition (which could be a problem since no one is lighting up the women’s indoor hurdle scene) and a world title up for grabs she is definitely heading into the 7.70s. Heats , semis and finals and her start willl be firing!!! It could end up being a very nice $90,000 race!

Hurdle 6 is actually at 55.5m. The best female hurdlers take less than 1.3s from the fifth hurdle to the finish line. This would give Sally 7.77 or faster.


Thanks for posting this! I was out of town and just saw it. What fantastic statistics shown here.

7.73 to win World Indoors, for equal fourth fastest all time. In the words of Maxwell Smart “missed it by that much”