Saladino 8.73m!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHAO !!!

Holllllyyyyy Shiiitttt!!!

and there is also a 880 worth foul!!

he is running faster than ever

its interesting to note that his center of gravity is surprisingly back at take off

he really is super super fast now…amazing…

it is also notorious that he improved his strength, look at his acceleration

does he cut a little bit his strides in the non foul jump (like in osaka 8.57) at the end or is it me?

He looks a bit more muscular than last season I think…

he does look like his final 3 strides are very short…

i just hope he does a UK grand prix this year, because then i can get his speeds, and strides lengths and ill post them all on here !

also, it seems like his knee drive is different from most jumpers. His is very much high and short, where as most elite lj’ers have a knee slightly below parallel and much more out/ forward with their hips.
I’m sure that helps him get so much vertical.

just read today that Saladino’s 100m PB is 10.39 and this season he said he has worked on speed everyday…thats what he said, lol…everyday?

he also said he’s in 10.20 shape right now and he doesnt run 100m’s anymore becuase he fears injury…

Everyday sure seems a bit extremely…do you have any of his training?

10.20 shape is smokin for current LJ…I would love to see his numbers from a meet, if you can get them.