Saint's Indoor Weight Program for Jan. 13-Feb.3

This is what I did for the throwas this weeks.

Week of: Olympic Power
Jan.13 5x5 6x6
Jan.20 3x5,2x4 3x6,2x5
Jan.27 5x5,4x4 6,4x5
Feb.3 5, 5x4 5x5

Cleans (Olympic)
Bent Leg Deadlifts (Power)
Step-Ups (2x8 Each Leg)
Abs (300)
Calf Raises (3x10)
Jump Rope (7x2 Min.)
Glute-Ham Hamstrings (3x8)
Back Extensions (60)
Glute Ham Twist (3x10)

Squats (Power)
Jerks (Power)
Bent Over Row (3x10)
Good Mornings (2x10)
Straight Leg Deadlift (3x8)
Hanging Leg Raises (3x10)
Glute Ham Abs (200)
Superman Series
Running for 20 minute

Seated Plate Twist (3x15)
Release Twist (3x10)
Ground Twist (3x10)
Waves (3x10)
Hurdle Hops (6x10 Jumps)
Quick Foot Ladder (x5)
Quick Box Hops (3x10)
10 Pud Releases

Snatch (Olympic)
Step-Ups (3x10)
Calf Raises (3x10)
Box Jumps (3x8)
Good Mornings (3x10)
Back Extensions (3x10)
Glute Ham Hamstrings (3x10)
Abs 300

Seated Plate Twist (3x10)
Ground Twist (3x10)
Release Twist (3x10)
Quick Foot ladder (x5)
Seated Bar Twist (3x10)

Sit in Bath of Epson Salt and Take Ibuprofen

Pretty slow progression there Saint, good job! I think you need to throw in more twists and low back work since you have very little to address those areas. Amazing stuff like the glute ham hamstring training.