Russian/East German youth long range athletic tables

I am searching for a good source on young athlete preparation tables the Russians/East Germans used to identify young athletes in the sports of basketball, track,volleyball. Ex. If a young boy standing long jumped 9’ , what paremeters would correlate in regards toflying 30/vertical jump etc, for a particular age group. Any help would be appreciated.

Some good bibliography giving training programs and selected tests for each age groups:


La preparazione pluriennale dei velocisti
Atleticastudi ITALIE 1991, t 22, n 3-4, pp 61-129 - Italian

East Germany

Détection des athlètes et planification de l’entraînement en RDA
Spirt Belgium, 1988, n°124, pp 226-233 - French
(From the experience of Helmut EBER)

Any versions in english? Looks like Italian and French.