Rupert: Another site improvement idea

You stated you were looking how to improve your site, so here is another idea. The payment options this site gives are limited and more challenging then most sites. I really don’t like having to use paypal, but if that is the only way you have to get money, then so be it. But, I believe paypal has some business options for business’s, that allows customers to pay the business with a credit card, without having to have a paypal account.

It is under the “merchant tools” tab on the homepage. Then scroll down and look at “PayPal Email Payments”. Just an idea, because it’s more of a turn off having to get an account, go through all the crap, just to buy something, when a customer could just enter his credit card number and pay that way. Just an idea.

Hi Comanch,

Thanks for the suggestion. I agree that PayPal can be some work at times, we chose it because at this time it actually is the most accepted online world wide.

I’ll check into the email payments and post about my findings should they be favorable.

Thanks again,


Here in Serbia we can’t pay with paypal… You don’t know what we had to do to get the products… Fortunally my friend has a cousin in USA… long story! :stuck_out_tongue: