Running times ending in .00

How much does it suck to run times that end in .00. such as 10.00 21.00 47.00. Its real annoying last year i ran 11.01 and 11.00 2 weeks in a row and then ran a 22.02! Wouldnt you agree 10.99 looks and sounds alot better than 11.00! i think i am one of those people who have bad luck with this type of thing. Am i being rediculous or is there others who share this same pet peave.:shoot: 11.00

one year all of my 55m finals times were exactly the same. are you running on the same track everytime. my time didn’t change until i ran on a different track. if the conditions or track doesn’t change, it is possible for your times not to change that much either. when are you trying to peak. it’s seems that you might want to look at your workouts if you have been aiming for a peak and not getting faster. it’s good to be consistent, but you must ask yourself why aren’t you getting faster if the workouts are designed to do so.

atleast your a consistent runner:D

yea i was thinking that MJ! no but seriously i am ill run within 3 hundreths of a second numerous times.

hahah lean into the line :wink:

good points mj, i absolutley agree… since i redshirted this season so i have 2 full years of eliagibility left (because of a hip flexor injury last summer) this gave me the time to rearange my whole program and im doing stuff i have never done before so when i do comete again we’ll see what i run now that i know what im doing.
but once again youve made excellent points though.

Oh yes, i was thinking about that just the other day at training after a run if finishing slightly over such as 11.02, if you just left that split second earlier or held form just that little better or lunged earlier or later can have such a big effect on just those .03 hundreths needed that seems so different having a time of 10.99 and 11.02. But just keep working on your race and the times will come. Use it to your advantage that you are as close as possible to getting it, and you can do it the next week. Keep focus and run well!