Running longer distances for endurance

Our coach has been giving us 600m+ distances (600-800 range) for endurance work. Although I train on my own a lot for speed, we still have our last meet and this type of training was put in about a month and a half ago.

so…whats the deal here…and saying how world class sprinters use these distances for endurance work. any purpose in this?

If the intensity of these runs are tempo, then you may be ok because I know PJ said he did tempo runs up to 800m a couple years ago but only went up 600m last year.

You can use these in a long to short plan - normally starting at 600m and working downwards.

So you have two options - either as tamfb says, as tempo


as part of a long to short program…

check charlies graphs for more indepth info on how they are used in that regard. Hard to explain it on forum unless you have the graph to look at.

He is talking about in-season here, I think. What L-to-S?

Ya I dont see any purpose for this in season AT ALL.

Neither do I. Especially if it’s a newly introduced element, even if this is in a tempo format. Are there any other guys in the group having finished their competitive season? Is this some kind of GPP for the season to come?

Yes guys in the group have finished the season, me and some others havent. But training stays the same mainly, I do a lot on my own too though.

has the coach said something like “you would be a good 400m runner” ??
even still - strange to add this type of workout at such a stage. :confused:

Im definitely a 100/200 guy only, I ran on a record breaking 4x4 team but thats as far as it goes.

Good, keep it this way for now!

sure thing :smiley: :smiley: