Running in water for resistance

"They also trained every morning on the beach in waist-deep water for resistance work"Charlie Francis from speed Trap

I have very easy access to a small beach, Is running in waist deep water good,can this be done everyday, also about how long time wise should a session be running in the water? Any thoughts or opinions? Also Isn’t my avatar cool!:cool:

You have different options. (1)You can save this for days when you are feeling a bit too tired to perform a regular tempo workout, or when your training becomes compromised due to an injury. The time depends on your current state of fitness, just as a regular tempo set-up does. You may want to start off with 2 sets of 10: 30-40 seconds on, 20-30 seconds off. (2) You could also use this waist deep water to serve as resistance training, if you do not have access to towing mechanisms, etc.

Thanks Dlive11 if you were to do it as a replacement for towing would you do it on speed days at a 100%? Or does it not make a difference if you do the resistance running on speed or tempo since the intensity is limited by the water.


b You could also use this waist deep water to serve as resistance training, if you do not have access to towing mechanisms, etc. [/b]

please explain.

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Anyway, back to your question. As you know, you can use the water’s resistance to accomodate your needs. An athlete will not get the same amount of resistance as in towing, wind-running, etc, but if all else fails, it can do the job.

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What do you mean? The distance running?

All the above. I guess I have been “blessed” to see much more of this training program than most.

There are different kinds of water work. In the book, I was referring to the Power Speed drills we did every morning, done over a short distance (from 10 to 15 meters, at the beach, always towards shore, from waist deep water to ankle deep. We trained a lot in Guadeloupe, which has no real decent quality grass to work on, so this type of work became very important.

some say that absorption of chlorine (pool) thru the skin could mess with the CNS.

I like water for rehab only. Especially for women who complain about the cold whirlpool. Water temp of say 65 or 70 will somewhat lower core muscle temp and there is some small bene from the hydrostatic compression effect. Lastly, people dont tend to just stand when in water, so the slow movements unweighted by bouyancy also serve as an effective cool-down modality.

I don’t buy the Chorine Ion theory after all the pool work linda Huey did with Flo Jo. But if they are not moving then they are little kids going number one or big kids have too much fun.

I have video taped pool sessions underwater the mechanics asre different…

What does Linda Huey have to do with Flo Jo?

Flo Jo did pool workouts from time to time between trials and Seoul with linda…


I am just curious, When you do Power Speed Drills in the water, what did your athletes wear on their feet? Did they wear those water skin tight type of shoes (with rubber sole) or just go barefoot??
And if an athlete was going to do the same in a pool, again, does it matter what they have on their feet?


We were told to use canvas sneakers because we thought there’d be sea-eggs (spiney little buggers that can infect your feet) but we never ran across them and soon stopped using them.