Running 100 meters in 55 +/- strides for a 6'1 guy means

1That he’s taking a very short stride in length…
2That if it suits his style than be it though very odd
Guy runs sub 12 sec with that
Your thoughts
ps it’s not me

That’s a lot of steps. Former women’s WR holder Marlies Gohr (10.81) ran the 100m with 56 steps and she was called the “sewing machine” for her frequency.

lmao sewing machine!

but anyway…

flexibility issue maybe? or strength? maybe not running relaxed or not running naturally and going for frequency.

and he is over 6foot!!! thats major stride shortening. Pull out the camcorder, freeze a few frames, compair to somebody doing say 46strides at a simlilar height. Let us know what you see.

I will say to him that he’s taking a lot of steps and should analyse his running using as sugested a camcorder. I may attach pic of his running if it works.
IF the guy improves I will right back in this thread.
Thanks what a helpful board.

Kool man, cant wait to see the photo’s

55ish steps is WAYYY TOO MANY. From the work I’ve seen, most males cover 100m in around 45ish steps. Elite runners will be around 43, amateur runners with decent form will be around 48. There is an increase in stride length with strength, which accounts for the 5 stride difference. However, the major aspect is frequency. The elite runners are just able to move faster than the amateurs. At any rate, this guys running form is gonna be way screwed up, his mechanics are way off. I’m gonna guess no knee drive and poor posture.