Run Fast Are Die Trying

lat pd 4x5
1a: rope pulls 3x10
1b: pushdowns 3x12
1c: sh horn 3x10
Tempo 2x5x100

Boy, it was hott today… I’m ready for monday - time to get jacked up!!!

I’m ready for the squat session tomm, had my fantasy draft tonite with a $600 pay out. I feel good about the results:

Chris Johnson
Payton Manning
Ryan Matthews
Ryan Grant
Hines Ward
Tony Gonzo

Don’t have a true num 1 wr but my philo is to get a stud qb and three stud rb’s.

squats 1x70 1x77.5 1x85 1x92.5 1x102 (worked up to 535- could have done 545-555 but wanted to save some for Wed)
pull thrus 2x10
abs 200x
Tread tempo - 2x5x20sec/40off (Rain kept me indoors)
Bike 10mins

Not bad considering I have a shitty diet and taking zero supp - no protein etc.
Overall I am on track strength wise and running is feeling effortless.

No soreness or tightness this morning, Tue/Wed will be a rest day.

Busy day - it’s a deadlift day - gonna toss 550-575…


deadlift 1x70 1x77.5 1x85 1x92.5 1x102 (Worked up to 565 - had 15-20lbs more)
hypers 2x10
abs circuit 100x
MB Tempo 2x5x100

Tomm light UB and more tempo.

No tightness - ready to roll.

Hi RB34,

Just looked through this thread and was wondering what you are training for? The threads title is ‘Run Fast are die Trying’ which I know you mean run fast or die training however you list very few running sessions and seem to have an obvious interest and passion in the strength training. Just wondering if you were training to run a track and if so which ones? I also have to agree with previous responses to your training responses that 4.5min rest for max speed work if I have read correctly is very inadequate if your aim is a shift in your top speed. Cheers

Just a old average athlete training for fun. I was working with a highly qualified coach who designed those workouts.

Cool. Sounds like you enjoy it. All the best.

Lat pd 3x10
Bench 3x6
Pushdown 2x10
Rear delts 2x10
Curls 2x8
Tempo 2x5x100

Workout partner did 2x5x100+3x600.

The plan was to start Fall GPP mid August - somethings came up so I’m looking at early Sept instead. Today is another rest day - the month of August I’m planning active, passive, and very easy strength training sessions. The early part of the month will be easy workouts then more active and passive rest towards mid-late month.

Squat 3x6x65% 90% of 1rm
Bench 3x6x65% 95% 1rm
Rdl 3x8
Hammer row 3x8
Abs 100x
Mb tempo: 3x4x100
BW: 202-203

Tempo kicked my ass today - I’m use to performing tempo on UB days.

deadlift 3x6x65% 90% of 1rm
pullups 3x10
rev leg press 3x15
Abs 100x
Tempo: 3x4x100

Laying off the presses over the next several weeks. The week’s tempo has kicked my ass - hate doing tempo after lower body wts.

squats 3x5x70%
bench 2x5x70%
rows 3x8
rdl 3x8
abs x100

MB: 2x4x100

Can’t wait to start training because I need to get in shape and drop 5-8lbs. The weight loss should happen pretty quickly once I clean up the diet and drop (soda, ice cream, chips, honey buns) etc.

You getting fat

Little bit - heavy for my frame.

8lb isn’t much you will have it gone in no time. Now if I can give up the amber ale.

Looking at pics of my body back in Dec vs now - I am fat!!! lol