Run Fast Are Die Trying

What are his testing numbers? I would think that his vert and broad would be especially impressive.

He’s strong and fast, not a good jumper.

Bp 420+
Pc 360ish
Sq 550+
Vj 33in
40 4.27

He told me he can jump better then that. Fast guy with big calves and glutes.

Extremely strong, you guys have done well.

Our 4 track guys are strong, Furr another track guy also clean 365 at 205.

Strong cleans. How do you fit them into the program, ie. progression, positions, load, frequency, etc.?

One power clean day another block clean day and different clean var using KB etc. Coach C has 3 week mini cycles for the core lifts - tons of sets.

To name a few:
Carter: 405+
Quinn: 405+
Brown, Furr, Zach P, White 360’s

405+ is crazy. Excited to see how Carter does in Indy.

Who knows, he got invited to train at Michael Johnson. He wanted to do some of CFTS stuff with me - but probably wont happen.

Well I know that they do OL’s at Michael’s place but other than that my knowledge is rather limited. Hopefully he stays with you guys.

Fri: 1200
Warmup C
6x200 walk 200
Weight circuits B/D 2x10

Series B:
bar curl
kb rdl
hammer curl
hang leg raises
db lat raises

Series D:
bear angle squats
seated row
hyper complex
db mil press
russ twist

Furr is massive. We ran briefly together in the summer of 2009. Just looks strong as a bull.

Week 2:
Mon: 270
Warmup C
3x30 falling
2x3x30 3pt
Power clean x3 225-235-245-250-250
Squats 3x544 315/345/410
Bench press x5 175-190-205-215-230
Jump squats 2x8
Blf+hop blf x5 16lb

My legs were fucked up so I kept the squats in the mod zone. We had to train the whole team at once and I didn’t have time until after work to train, it was a very long night. My strength ratios are probably higher then they ever been!!!

Really, he’s only 205 - with a very slim lower body.

Tue: 1000
Warmup W
Weight circuits A/C

I’m getting sick from all the damn cold weather…

I’m baffled by the title of this journal. Is it an “All Your Base Are Belong to Us” reference?

Not sure what you mean, ole skool 50 - Get Rich or Die Trying.

He means that the title of this thread is “Run Fast ARE Die Trying” can you change thread titles? Maybe this title just gives this thread character.

Change it for what?

Run Fast Or Die Trying

I know, it’s too late - I tried to do it after my first post.