Run Fast Are Die Trying

Either in MN or VA - it’s been almost 2years!!!

Mod Warmup+Abs x100
Abs x100
Tread 2x5x30on/60off

Wednesday: 180
Warmup A
1a: Db Jump squat 3x5x20
1b: Power snatch 3x2
Bench 2x2
Rows 3x8

Thur: REST

Warmup S
Height/Ohb/Blf x3
Donkey stiffness jumps 2x15

Looking towards kicking off GPP June 24. See you guys then.

Beast Mode:

what sport foosball?

Track/General Health.

Can’t stay away huh. The benefits of running out weigh staying on the side line watching. I see highschool and college associates that haven’t seen me in years and the first thing they say is…you look the same. More than 90% of the of them don’t look the same at all. Plus competition is fucking fun.

Welcome back bitch

Exactly. I’m 38 this year, and guys i used to train over 10yrs ago, seen me about 2 months ago, said i have not changed a bit - then a girl i went to high school with said I look the same as when i did back in school. They had their 20yr high school reunion last year, i was away, but looking at the photos, i only recognized about 3-4… the others looked completely different.
Plus, i train as a Personal Trainer for a living - lots of 40-70yr olds, the biggest lesson i have learned from them is, never, ever, ever stop training, massage and eating good food. When i say some of these people are pathetic, it’s an understatement… 20yrs of being a bum = you’re a bum…

I agree. I had 6 years off after retiring from hammer, to concentrate on work, study and coaching. I looked fat, old and unfit. Have spent the last 18 months slowly getting back into training, and am slowly turning back the clock. Have lost 10kg, am fitter, healthier, and younger looking. I turn 40 this year, and plan to be fitter than I was 10 years ago, and get back into sprinting (Hammer thrower is a no go)

No doubt!

I have been training to stay in shape for rec flag football and its fun being able to outrun and cover kids 10 years younger.

I am always shocked to see other people of my age. I usually think of them as being about 10 years older. I turned 36 a month ago and I am feeling greatly concerned that I can feel a slight thickening around the waist, but then I look in the mirror and I stop worrying.

For my wedding the missus insisted that I keep some stubble on because she said she didn’t want to look like she was marrying a 12 year old!!

I need something to train for otherwise I probably wouldn’t train. It’s been almost 3years (summer 2010) since my last race but hopefully I can get back to running decent times. It probably won’t happen with such a long layoff but it’s worth a try. It’s crazy how fast certain skills can disappear!!!

Great job - how’s your training.

That’s funny. I’m having fun turning my girlfriend into a speed/power athlete - she never played sports etc.

Damn can you still come out the blocks? It may take you a while to start running decent times again but it will happen. Shit my first meet this year was 11.8. I wanted to quit but i was like “i just beat my kids who run 11.4 why quit” IVe gone under 11 at practice and now im just waiting to put the race together at a meet

Most people underestimate the value of “racing” in competition, this typically where the highest intensities and velocities are encountered. I think someone who was running 10.50-10.60 seconds in the 100m may come back two years later and find they are having trouble getting under 11.0 seconds if they were not doing quality speed work during the 2-year layoff.

I agree with that. Sit back and watch college and highschool races. Especially hs. I always see kids go from 11.x to 10.x. Heck I did it in hs and college. When I ran fast it was because I had many races to perfect my race and get the intensity needed. Hs and college train hard during the spp and gpp but once the season kicks in not nearly as much training is needed because of meet intensities. I’d love to have two to 3 meets a month but its hard to come by. And once school is out for the summer and I can really get good training in, the damn meets stop.

Gaining weight is probably the one thing that changes how people look more than anything.
You see this with retired athletes a fair bit because they were used to eating without concern or knowledge of what is good to eat and not so good to eat.
When their athletic career ends and the calorie intake and habits remain it’s virtually impossible to replicate the same expenditure of energy and calorie burn.
Don’t forget what exercise does to manipulate the metabolism and hormonal activity in the body as well.
If you are training for years at a fairly high level and then you stop , rarely people discuss or talk about de training. The body needs to adapt to doing less but it also needs to adapt to the hormones that are no longer released to provide natural pain chemicals just as one example.
Exercise whether is be for competition or anti aging is really the best medicine for long term health.

I’m in the process of reading Joel’s book - so far great read. I had to move back the start date for my training busy schedule past couple weeks.