I can’t find the forum rules. What are they, or where can I find them?

They were what you agreed to abide by when you signed up, before you could post. No drug discussions.


  1. We dont talk about drugs here: we do not post about drugs and or anything regarding ANYTHING illegal here. Exceptions to this rule are non banned supplements (if you are unsure about this, do not post; you have been warned and we dont answer questions in this regard).

  2. You will respect your fellow members, and that means no bashing, no whining, no playing with rep points, and nothing that would constitute your making ANYONES time at the forum a “troubling experience”.

  3. You will not copy, distribute, make facsimile/engraving of our content. If we see this happen, expect harsh consequences. You also may NOT pass off anything here as your own work. Rest assured, you will be sought out with the most attention.

  4. Advertising of any sort is not permitted here at the forum. Use common sense in this regard.

  5. You will positively support your fellow members, you will not belittle or make anyone feel uncomfortable. Even a complaint on this can get you banned. I’d say ask others, but they aren’t here anymore!

  6. Have fun and learn something: is THE source for authoritive track & field education. Pay no attention to copy cats/cut & paste monkeys, their information holds little value. If you doubt our claim, spend 30 minutes here using our search tool using ANY keyword you wish and you will most likely find what you are looking for.

  7. Search before posting, collectively the site has grown tired of answering duplicate questions, the onus is on you to do your own research. If what you are seeking is not available, or requires further elaboration, just ask. But dont get into subject matter that has been covered before; it wastes your time as well as ours.

  8. Promote Sport whenever you are fit to do so.

Rupert et al


This is a must read…it should be a sticky at the top of the forum, along with questions such as “If I do squats will I run a 10.5.”

Thank you and I appologize for breaking the rules earlier. Guess I should read before I sign up.

A very good idea!

Quick question though, when I made the comment, why was the whole thread pulled rather than just deleting the post?

Threads/posts & user accounts are pulled without notice if they conflict with the rules above.