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i hope this is the right place for such. a thread i started (marion jones thread) in the off topic forum, was just deleted. i don’t really care, but it seems the only objection to it, aside from being lame, was that it was ‘off topic’. i was under the impression that ‘off topic’ meant off topic. i’m new and have enjoyed the site already, so a little guidance would be helpful, as i don’t see what was objectionable. thanks.

I’m not a mod nor am I Charlie but …

Let me try …

We’re all here to try and learn, from one another and from Charlie in particluar, how go perform to the best of our abilities as athletes and essentially ‘how to be fast’.

Personally I have learned so much here from Charlie and all the other brilliant minds and contributors - it’s not funny.

Unless we have something useful or of benefit to the group we don’t say it.

We generally don’t criticise people, forum members nor especially athletes who reach limits far beyond anything we ourselves might.

Beyond that we simply try to be polite

Generally putting “Marion Jones = Dork” in your thread headline won’t get you rave reviews with the moderators.

the thread was in the off topic forum, so the idea that it had nothing to do with learning about getting faster, is a bit absurd. no23, you had posted a link to ‘this land’, in another off topic thread. at least i named someone who is fast. however, i appreciate your effort to give me an explanation. far more likely is the reference to ms. jones as a ‘dork’. it makes sense that an unfavorable remark about an athlete would be objected to and is a rule i can apply clearly. my apologies to ms. jones and the site. thanks for the explanations.

Hello Fuscia, Members

Good question(s),

  1. We don’t really care about rumors here. The thread (and the user that started it) have been taken off our system. Threads that even mention the “D” word aren’t tolerated here. This is really the only rule we have here…pretty simple when you stop and think about it. For various reasons, these posts derail what we’re doing here (its a family channel!). As for Marion, we love Marion…thats all you need to know!

  2. As for feelings about athletes (dorks etc), again, I didn’t read that and it wouldn’t have really upset “management” here. However, chances are it would bother the athlete who may or may not be a member here. Since your posts are our posts, stuff that is silly…makes us look silly. Hope that makes sense.

Beyond that, enjoy the vast halls that are the community with impunity. Just don’t step on anybody.

Hopefully this answers your queston(s).

thanks, rupert, that makes sense. i guess i have been hanging out on the more neanderthal sites so long, i’ve forgotten what the civilized ones were like.

all I know is that that girl in your avatar (i believe the girl from crouching tiger, hidden dragon) is hot, hot, hot!! :smiley:

correct on both accounts.