Rules about track use in college

1.) I plan on sprinting unattached this upcoming season in college. Here is a question I have about rules on using the track. Our school has one outdoor track. Now, this is a public college, so wouldn’t it be against the law to prevent someone who wants to train unattached from using that track?

I emailed the assistant coach about whether students are allowed to use the track, and will probably use it anyways even if he says no, until they push to kick me off or something.

2.)Also, the same question about high school tracks. On the off chance training on this track doesn’t work out, is there a rule against preventing the public from using a high schools track, one that is public?

3.) Also, does anyone know about how to get access to the sports teams weight room? A this school, there are two rec facilities, quite large, but the weight room in one is filled with a bunch of usless machines, and the only free weight is a bench. I don’t know what the other looks like, but I doubt its any better. So, does anyone know any tricks or ways to get access to the athletic weight room if you are unattached? If not, I will probably have to go to a gym down the street and pay $170 per six months, but they have what I need. I would prefer not doing that though.

So, three main questions. Hopefully though, someone out there knows something about these topics. If you do, just hit this thread up, and I would be very grateful for any information.