Roy Jones Beaten!

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Tarver stuns Jones Jr

Antonio Tarver has won the WBC light heavyweight title from Roy Jones Jr after the referee stopped the fight in the second round.
Tarver had got off to a slow start before catching Jones flush on the side of the face with a left hand.

Jones fell onto the ropes but recovered only to stumble across the ring and see the fight halted by referee Jay Nady halfway through the second round.

It was only the second defeat of Jones’ 15-year professional career and was also only the second time the American, in his 25th world title fight, had been knocked down during that time.

The pair had met before - in November last year - when Jones was given a victory many thought Tarver deserved.

“I never gave up on my dream so here we are,” said Tarver. “We both threw at the same time and I beat him to the punch. Right on the kisser.”

A shocked Jones said: “I got no excuses. It happens like that sometimes. I am having a hard time getting up to fight guys.”

I’m glad he’s enough of a man to admit defeat. He’s a class act. I didn’t see the fight, I’ll probably catch the clips on Sportscenter as they’ll replay it a million times today.

A shocked Jones said: “I got no excuses. It happens like that sometimes. I am having a hard time getting up to fight guys.”

So isn’t that an excuse. He wasn’t motivated enough for a smaller name? Saying he wants to move up to heavyweight…

What I saw on television. He had no defence and got hammered by an absolute brute of a shot…

I still think that jones is the better fighter. lucky punch doesnt prove that your the better fighter. Jones won the first round. And just caught in the 2nd. I hope they have a rematch.

It was a rematch already - and in Jones-Tarver I Tarver really got robbed in a more than questionable majority decision.

In Jones-Tarver II Jones started much better and surely won round 1. But in round 2 he got caught - well that’s boxing and better a clear k.o. than a cheat-decision like in Jones-Tarver I. If you’re in the dust in round 2 you loose.

Will there be a Jones-Tarver III?

I know it was a rematch…??..

What did tarver do in the first fight to win? He waited until jones layed on the ropes to throw punches at his arms as he was guarding. What did tarver do in the middle of the ring…nothing. jones won cause he was more active. if you dont belive me go watch the first fight again. Tarver only threw punches when roy let him in the first fight. Tarver was 7 out of 30 something punches
in the second fight. That doesnt seem to dominant to me. Tarver got a lucky punch simple as that. In fact Tarver had his eyes closed as he threw the punch. That didnt prove that he was a dominant fighter. they need to fight again so Jones can tap that ass!!!

Where I come from “tap that ass” means something else. However I agree, Jones is a better fighter. I believe there will be a Jones-Tarver III. Why would they pass up such a huge payday? Ya Gotta love Tarver’s attitude though, he’s been claiming he could whip Jones for years and he finally lived up to his own hype.

[QUOTE=earle]Where I come from “tap that ass” means something else. QUOTE]

So what are you trying to imply???!!

I’m trying to imply that “tap that ass” means taking a woman home and having sex with her. “Kick that ass” is probably what you want Jones to do to Tarver. Just a joke man, no offense.

I know your joking. Tap that ass can mean alot of things. Just like if i said i took that girl home and beat it up, that doesnt mean i beat her up, it means i beat the stuff between her legs up. If i said roy jones got served by tarver, that doesnt mean tarver gave him something to eat.

Ebonics at work.

Anyways, Tarver did get robbed after the first fight. Anyone that watched the fight will tell you the same. Tarver beat Jones around the ring for at least 8 rounds of the fight.

And this fight was just brutal from the beginning. Neither one of them threw a punch until the 1:34 mark in the first round. They just danced around for awhile. Once they finally started boxing, Tarver was relentless. You could tell he wanted the KO early, so he wouldn’t have a chance of getting screwed over again by the judges.

Anyhow - a clean KO is the clearest possible result. Nobody can take away that victory from Tarver.