rough nutrition plan - critiques please!!

here is a rough nutrition plan that i made up following a couple guidelines ive seen, i am definatley looking for some advice here, thanks!!

take into account in the past ive had a very bad diet and this is my first year with a plan.

ill be going to university and training in the sprints (specifically the 400 meters)

im 6’ and wiegh 165 but that is very light for me and mid-season last year i was up to 182.

8:30- 2 eggs hardboiled
oats with yogurt and strawberries OR cereal and milk
whole wheat toast with peanut butter and jam
multi-vits, cod liver oil, vitamin C

11- protein drink plus tuna with mayo

2- turkey and cheese sandwhich on whole wheat bread

4:30 banana

5-9 practice w/ gatorade and protein bar during

9:30 steak or chicken or beef with noodles and veggies or salad
protein drink and glutamin

11:00 ZMA supplement

plus tell me anything thatcan be changed for the better, thanks!!!

does anyone have any advice for me? i was told there was way to much protein in this diet but im not sure if that is true??

it doesn’t look like enough calories to me. 11 clock meal is all protein, add either a vege, fruit, or good fat. you probably can do better than gatorade during practice, maybe some sort of bcaa drink. like i said earlier, go to regeneration lab and read that series of articles for more guidance.

Do you want to stay at 165 or are you looking to get your weight back around 185? Nothing wrong with the diet at all but don’t feel like you have to eat the same foods all the time.