Rotary Youth Exchange

Does anyone have any experience with Rotary Youth Exchange ?

I ask as we are seriously considering sending my son on one next year. He will be 17 at the time and countries in order of preference are

  1. Germany
  2. Switzerland
  3. France

Any Feedback would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

I did AFS (American Field Service), which is similar to the Rotary Youth Exchange. I had a great experience and would do it again in a heart beat. I did it at the same age as your sosne (I was 16 when I left and turn 17 when over there.

I have not heard of RYE, however, my school (which is a private boarding school) deals with Round Square which is top.

I’d definitely recommend a trip for your son, I was going to take one two years ago (my soph year), but I just couldn’t afford it. Everything I’ve heard from my friends who have been on these types of trips is endless praise. Be careful with Germany though, drinking age and smoking habbits :wink:

Thanks for the responses we have sent away the application form and should know in a couple of weeks. Interviews are on June 9.

R3N3GAD3, well aware of those issues with Germany and without sounding like a delusional out of touch Father :rolleyes: my son isn’t into those sort of things. FYI the drinking age in NZ is 18 :cool:

He’ll love it!

and yea, smoking is a filthy habbit. Drinking however…one day you’ll share with him :wink:

I don’t drink anymore, he has the opportunity to but doesn’t…much better than his father at that age :cool:

for KiwiJohn

Thanks KK, one of the greats :smiley:

PS can’t see the relevance to thread though :confused:

CORRECT irrelevant…not unlike my goodself come to think of it. Anyway, just thought you, of all people, would appreciate a couple of crackerjack shots of The Great Man.

I wasn’t complaining, world rugby is the poorer for his retirement.

PS which is worse, to be considered irrelevant or irreverent?

keep religion out of this


who said anything about religion? :confused: that is a very narrow use of the word.

He got accepted and is going to Austria, leaves early January.

Congrads :wink:

Last time I was there (when I was 10), water didn’t exist outside a perrier bottle and the toilet. He’ll enjoy his 2L of Coke a day (not kidding!!!)

Other then that…absolutely beautiful country. Glad to hear he’s going :slight_smile:

Hey Renegade,
My school’s a member of Round Square too–we just joined last school year. The name is Cate School. What school are you in?


I just graduated (a week ago actually) from Appleby.

Edit: Can’t find you on the RS site…you must be real new lol.

Edit 2: PM me your MSN. We’ll chat.