roosters training journal

I am 42 years old and starting out after a long lay off of about 10 years. I feel a bit embarrassed as my times are nothing flash but feel keeping a journal would keep me motivated.
First session today.
2x5x 100m tempo.walk back rec,200m walk between sets.5 mins rest.
3x30 push up
sit ups,squats and dips.

week 1
am back into it after injuring achilles.
5x300 at tempo pace,walk 300 rec.

front squats 4x6 at 60kg
incline press 4x6 @100kg
seated row 4x6 @ 180kg
shoulder press 4x6 @ 50kg on smith machine
dips and ham curl 2x10

3 lap jog
2x15m of drills
A & B drills and bum kicks
2x 50m run throughs
10x120m tempo, walkback recovery.
jog 1 lap

am doing 2 days of tempo and 2 days of weights for 3 weeks then will move into a gpp still consisting of 2 days of each as this appears to work well for me.
squats 4x6 at 105kg
bench 4x6 at 95kg
chin ups 4x6
shoulder press 4x6 at 55kg
reverse leg press 2x10 at 70kg
dips 2x15

5x300m tempo with walk back recovery,300’s are up a slight hill.
pace was a little faster than last week.

squats 4x6 @ 110kg
bench 4x6 @95kg
chin ups wide grip 4x6
shoulder press 4x6@50kg
reverse leg press 2x10@75kg
dips 2x max
med ball
1x5 each way head circles,on stomach
1x10 v sit ups
1x20 obliqes
1x6 single leg raise

good workout ,felt good

jog 3 laps
2x15m:a&b drills &bum kicks
2x50m run throughs
10x120m at 75%, walk back recovery
med ball work
6xoverhead throws and chase
6x 1 hop and push ball out and chase
5 each way of swing around head on stomach
40 x obliques 10 x v sit ups
5x rev hypers,straight & bent leg
10 x prone tricep ext

good session,felt better as the session went along.