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11 July 2003

Jackpot contender after winning the 100m in world leading time of 10.89

"It was a good race, but not perfect. I know I had a good start but it
didn’t feel like that. At the middle I knew the race was mine and the
finish, it was free. I did not expect to run that fast. I will now
concentrate on running better races and faster races.

Technically this was a better race than Paris. We’ve had time to practice
and get the run technically on target. My coach said I was ready to run fast

I am not underestimating anybody in the competition. I know that on a good
day anyone can medal in the championships. But the others are not affecting
my running. I am just concentrating on winning each race. A race, a race, a
race. I am not taking any extra pressure over the jackpot money either. I
don’t think about it."

Winner of the women’s 800m to remain in contention for the Jackpot

"It was a good competition and I am pleased I won. Once the world
championships are getting closer, the competition is getting tougher.
Jolanda (Ceplak) ran a good race and so did Stephanie Graf. They are coming.
It is getting harder to win these races.

After Gateshead I am going back home to train. The championship races can be
very different from these because there’s no pacemaker. They can be fast or
slow, but I am ready for both of them. I train for both.

I know that the Golden League Jackpot is very tough to achieve, but I am
trying to reach that dream. Because there is only two of us left, it is
getting exciting. When I race I am not thinking of the money. I just
concentrate on each race. Maybe in the last race in Brussels it is in my

Winner of men’s 1500 metres with a world leading performance of 3:29.76

"This was my first 1500m this year. I am pleased with how well it went, but
after running longer distances it was difficult to find the right rhythm. I
have had altitude training until six days ago in Ifrane. I have to thank the
spectators for the support I received.

After Sunday I need to practice with my speed because the 1500m is the main
distance in the World Championships. I will run 5000m too, but that is going
to be the bonus."

Winner of men’s 5000m with a time of 12:57.14

“I am happy I could win. I knew that I am faster in the final 150m if I
could hold on that far. The previous 600m was really fast which was tough
for me. I think Haile and the other Ethiopians tried a tactical race, to
change the speed constantly during the race. I think they tried to block me
in the last curve but I escaped.”

After Gateshead I have time to practice a little bit with slow pace because
I am feeling some stiffness in my legs. It’s hard to say anything about the
World Championships. We have the Kenyan championships and three best will
compete. There might be someone new coming to surprise us. There are so many
good runners at the moment."

Winner of men’s 400m with 44.42

"I wasn’t feeling good. I have a problem with my stomach and I felt
therefore tired. Maybe it was something I ate. Considering that, I had a
pretty good race. This is an excellent place to run.

I always run my own race and try to win, whether I’m feeling good of sick or
having family problems. I’ve had all of those. I am not concerning about the
times I run. I focus on winning. I believe that brings good performances and
times, too.

There’s now time to go home, train and rest. Get ready for the World’s. I
have a wife and a kid, I’m going to have family time.

Winner of women’s 1500m with a world leading time 4:01.00

"Originally I was planning to participate in the 5000m, but we decided to
change the distance a week ago. I do think 1500m is better for me, I like
the distance better. "