Roller coaster

Its 3:30AM and I am still up watching this coverage. Just drawn myself away as the men’s 10000 is on. Incredible drama in the men’s 100. I feel really sorry for Drummond, I think it could have been his year to get a medal. He looked terrific in his heat.

Both our guys failed to make the semis. I think PJ was fazed.

Staying up for women’s final though Very tired now that adrenaline has dropped.

Just incredible drama though. That false start rule really has to go. There is some irony in the way that it has contributed greatly to this. The other crazyness is the officals. They are running behind athletes when they getting in the set position. Just terrible.

heeh i was in for the long run last night also…that was unbelievable the situation with john drummond…good on him tho for not backing down…

the runners in the first round that were caught out, burst out of the blocks and knew theyd broken the second time without being told…but seeing drummond walk back after that second stoppage, there was no way he was even thinking he had broken…

shouldve stayed for the 10000 dcw, it was a good race too :slight_smile: