Roll out track surface

Does anybody have experience buying those roll out track surfaces that some people use in indoor facilities? It is nothing special, but you can use spikes on it. Cost for say, 60-80m?

if you get one and its on a smooth surface make sure to also get som antislip pads or sheeting.

Yes they are key. They are nicer than most track surfaces to run on. We have 2 50’ pieces. They’re not going to slide anywhere because each 50’ piece weighs several hundred pounds! I can barely drag them at all in when I roll a section out in our school hallway and need to move it a bit. You can use spikes on them (as long as the runway is thicker than your spike length obviously).

How much are we talking per 50’ piece? One site only had the option of buying in quantities that were valued at $17.95 (didn’t explain very well) and that seems way too low, while another site was like $3 per square foot + shipping (I imagine that would be $600 plus for 100ft after shipping with that).

What kind of shipping are we talking?

Thanks for any help.

We paid like $850 for 2 rolls of 50’ from MF Athletic. I think you can get a discount if you are a USATF member…like 10%?

12mm (1/2") thick, 42" wide (per linear ft.) 7.70

$770 + $70 shipping

You could probably get narrower than 42" because ours is more than wide enough.

Edit…looks like this is alot cheaper now…damn. You could prob get 100’ for around $500.