rogue workouts - a new hope...

jumps and quickness drills

back extension - body weight, single leg, 10kg, 10kg single leg - many sets of 5-10
reverse hyper - bent legs, straight legs, with a curl at the top
standing leg curls

treadmill - 3x300 (9,9,9)
weight - 60kg

saturday (left leg strap)
hip thrust - 1:40 bw, 4:12 12kg
hip squat - 3:12 30kg
calf raises - 3:20 30kg (slight forward lean)
hip thrust - 2:12 12kg

easing back into it. today I started an experiment to see if I can use strapping on my left leg to help it improve strength quicker to hopefully gradually catch up to my right. I have no idea if it’s going to work or not (probably not), but I’m going to give it a go and see what happens. I’m certainly not counting on it…

back extension - 2:20, 2:10 SL
cupping and TENS

leg curls - 1:100
rev hyper - 4:12 12kg
ecc hamstring lowers - 1:10

hip thrust - 1:40 bw, 2:12 12kg
hip squat - 2:12 30
calf raise - 1:20 bw, 1:10 SL

back extension - 1:10 bw, 1:10 SL
rev hyp - 1:10 bw, 2:10 12kg, 1:10 17kg
standing leg curls
hip thrust - 1:10 12, 1:20 22, 1:20 32

back extension - 1:20 bw, 1:10 SL

back extension - 2:10 5kg SL
calf raises - 1:12 bw, 2:12 SL
lying leg curls - 1:10
back ext - 4:10 SL

I’ve found that if I push the knee forward and lift my thigh off the pad I get a much better recruitment of the hamstrings in the back extensions. I only started doing that today, so hopefully I will be getting a bit more bang out of that exercise from now on.

I’ve changed my approach a little from what I originally planned. I’m going to have frequent low intensity sessions punctuated by the occasional high intensity burst. I think I will end up planning the timing of the high sessions and for the low ones I’ll just do them as often as I can.

I can’t wait to get kid number 2 into her own room. at the moment she sleeps where I do a lot of my indoor training and it’s when she’s sleeping that I get the best chance to actually do something meaningful! in fact, I often get in a 5 minute quickie just before we put her down for the night. not much, but I’ll take what I can get…

back ext - 1:20 bw
calf raise - 3:12 bw

hip squat - 3:5 70kg
calf raise - 3:10 30kg SL
back ext - 1:10 5kg SL
lying leg curls - 1:100

saturday evening
back ext - 1:20 bw

I’m focussing more than usual on the eccentric phase and I’m finding that afterwards my muscles are feeling much looser and move with more freedom. hamstring tendons are not siezing up, so it’s working.

it’s early days, but I think I am getting results from the leg strap.

also, since I didn’t mention it earlier, massive props to ryan for finishing 4th in the stawell gift…

hip thrust - 1:40, 1:30 10kg, 2:15 30
HT SL - 2:4 30

lying curls - 1:75
rev hyp - 5:30
calf raise - 1:20, 1:12 SL

back ext - 1:10, 1:10 2.5, 1:10 7.5
BE SL - 1:10, 1:6 2.5, 2:6 7.5

treadmill - 3x400 (9,9,9)
BE - 1:10, 3:10 left leg (LL placed on RL pad)

RH - 3:10, 4:5 12.5
HS - 1:10 30, 1:6 50, 3:5 75
CR - 3:10 35
RH - 1:40

CR (bent over at hip) - 3:25
reactive squats - 3:20

it is only now that I am starting to see some gastroc peeking out from behind my soleus that I am starting to realise how under-developed my calves are.

off season training is starting to settle into a rhythm. I’m going to be keeping better tabs on my progress and making sure that I am doing a small amount extra each week. I’m tired of the plateau/over-reach/injury pattern that I am used to.

I also went back through my most recent training journal, located the sessions where I had my best results, and worked backwards from there. I actually found that the days leading up were extremely similar in terms of what I did. I’ll be looking to use that information to my advantage in the coming season…

How is the left leg, right leg imbalance going?

It’s early days, but I suspect I am making progress…

mon - HT, HS, CR (hip thrust, hip squat, calf raise)
tues - BE, RH, HT (back extension, reverse hyper)
wed - BE
thurs - BE, CR, LC, BE (leg curls)
fri - BE, CR
sat - HS 3:5 70, CR 3:10 30, BE
sun - HT, SL HT 2:4 30 (single leg)

mon - LC, RH, CR
tue - BE, SL BE 2:6 7.5
wed - TM 3x400 (9,9,9), BE (treadmill)
thurs - RH, HS 3:5 75, CR 3:10 35, RH
fri - CR
sat - rest
sun - LC, FLR, HT, SL HT 2:4 35, FLR (front leg raise)

mon - rest
tues - wedding
wed - rest
thurs - BE, SL BE
fri - HS 2:3 75, CR 3:10 37.5
sat - BE, SL BE 3:3 12.5, FLR, SLR (side leg raise)
sun - HT, SL HT 6:2 45, FLR

mon - rest
tues - BE, SDK, LC, FLR, SLR, CR (standing donkey kicks)
wed - rest (bad sleep - kids)
thurs - plyos, SL BE 2:6 10, FLR
fri - quick drills
sat - RH, HS 3:3 75, CR 3:10 40
sun - HT, SL HT 2:4 40, BE, FLR

mon - rest
tues - hills 10x60m 60-70%
wed - rest (cupping)
thurs - SL BE 2:6 12.5, foot exercises
fri - plyos, SDK
sat - LC, RH, HS 3:3 77.5, CR 3:10 42.5

I’ve skipped through all the detail in this entry and just included a few key exercises. I’m keeping a paper journal now, so I’m referring to that frequently to keep track of my progress. I’ve got a lot more consistency and steady progess in what I’m doing. things seem to be going quite well, so far.

I’ve been really getting a bump from the hip thrusts, thanks to a video I got from this site. it showed athletes doing the exercise with their feet up on a small raised platform. I’m finding that has really helped the effectiveness of this exercise.

I’m planning to be doing quite a lot of hills this winter. now that I am able to actually go out the front door in the evenings I am able to sneak away after the kids are in bed. I’ll also be working specifically on the later stages of acceleration (40-70). I’m starting to get the impression that this is more important than the first 30m.

downloaded a trigger points e-book. infraspinatus is a big one for me. been getting the tennis ball into is, along with my fingers. I’m really noticing a difference. the front of the shoulder is a tight spot for me, too. working on bother areas at once is good results.

oh, and I got married…

This is from yesterday. Not perfect yet, but improving…

This just in…

recent history:
saturday - 100m bronze, 12.54s, -1.3w
sunday - 200m bronze, 25.99s, -1.4w
monday - 60m silver, 7.76, -0.4w
wednesday - 3x60grad, 3x80
thursday - chins and abs
saturday - 5x170
monday - 3x60grad, 2x80, 1x90
tues-wed - chins/abs
thursday - 5x170
sat morn - 6x30m
sat eve - 5x170

picked up a few early season masters medals. 100/200 times were rubbish despite getting a good start in each race. in the 60 I was out in front for most of the race before giving up the lead on the line. so far it looks like my acceleration is good but my top speed/SE is rubbish. I’ve started doing more distances of 80+ in my speed sessions. I’m also working a lot on my hamstring health (cupping/massage), concentrating more on taking my supps (magnesium, potassium, flaxseed oil, etc) and avoiding procesed sugar in my diet. things are going well. recovery is great and my legs are starting to get a roundness to the back of them where previously they were just flat.

skipped my SE session this afternoon. on saturday I tried out a new activation exercise (sprinting on the spot resisting a powerband harness) and my calves reacted badly. right at the top in the plantaris. after spending two days hobbling around I decided it was prudent to bypass the session and do it on wednesday (besides, I was feeling drained after my brother underwent brain surgery this morning).

instead I did a big core session on the chin up bar. I’m loving that bar right now. it provides me with a great upperbody work out that doesn’t press down on my spine. in fact, it does the opposite. if I use a wide grip and just hang I can feel everything straightening out and cracking into shape. my upper body posture feels better than it has for years, and no chiro required! it’s good for the core, too. putting my legs straight out in front and doing chins, out in front and lowering one leg, raising both legs laterally, flexing and extending the legs backwards - there’s wealth of different exercises that all improve core strength and hip mobility. not to mention stretching out those tight lats of mine.

just strights chins is a good challenge, too. so far I’ve only been able to make it to 11 chin ups in a row (proper ones, no cheating), but that’s mainly because I’ve done basically zero upper body work in about the last four years. I’m also working on being able to do one handed chins. I had no hope at first of even holding myself in the top position with one hand, but now I can hold for a while and lower myself slowly. lifting myself up from the bottom position is a whole other thing, however!

anyway, after doing that my calves feel better already. I guess the chin ups are like a form of basement tempo, or the sort of non-contact activity that would be great for shin splints sufferers.

I’ve got some new motivation, too. there’s a 14 year old kid at my school who revently finished 3rd at states with a time of 11.6 (not sude if that’s HT or elec). he’s obviously extremely talented, but I can’t stand the idea of someone at school being faster than me! :wink: even though he’s a kid who will get much faster, and I’m an old man who will probably gradually get slower, I’m training like I want to catch up…

Yeah - never liked the idea of heavy resistance like the power band. Neither does CF and neither does Lydiard.

Hills - and many other top level coaches all talk about hills.
Chin ups - there is no hiding from chin ups. Very demanding.

The resistance wasn’t that heavy. Just enough to keep me on the spot running on an angle. I think the unusual movement just uncovered a weakness. I got similar soreness last season from doing stairs. I’ll try it again next week and see if I recover better.

Chin ups are doing wonders. Loving them…

monday 3x60, 2x80, 1x100
thursday back extensions, 5x170
saturday 4x200
monday 3x60, 1x80, 1x90, 1x100
thursday back extensions, 5x170
saturday 4x200
monday 3x60, 1x80, 3x100
wednesday soccer

getting some consistency in my training. 6 pack is poking through, hamstrings are getting bigger and looser (thanks to sliding prior to every speed session), back is feeling great due to hanging from the chin up bar, fitness is improving steadily. I timed myself at around 12.2 for my first 100 on monday. the good news is that I went easy on the accel and just cruised through relaxed from 60. the second half of my race is getting better and better. I’ll give it a few weeks and I might start doing sled/accel sessions on saturdays…

thursday 5x170
sun romanian sit ups
mon 2x60, 1x100 (75-85%), 1x110 (13.3), 1x100 (12.4), 1x80 (~10), 3x60 (7.8, 7.9, 7.8)

well, I think I’ve had another breakthrough. on wednesday, whilst trying to gee up my sports group, I joined in and did some push ups. the trouble with that is I have long ago identified any sort of push up/plank/kneeling action as something that will get my SI joint out of position. this causes soreness in the back, hip flexors and all down my hamstring. the most annoying thing about it is that I have never been able to put it back myself. I can treat all the various symptoms, but getting rid of the cause has always remained elusive. on sunday, however, I sat backwards on my BE unit and did what I now know to be romanian sit ups. this actually was able to get my SI back into position and the soreness was gone within 24 hours. this is huge, because it saves me a lot of money, time, soreness, inconvenience and training opportunities.

as proof of its effectiveness, this afternoon I went out and had a fairly intense session in the rain. my tolerance for speed/lactic work has increased heaps since the masters games. two months ago I did a session of 80/100/120 and I was gagging by the side of the track for about 10 minutes. the last few weeks I have been doing much harder sessions and just walking away. today I wanted to keep going, but I simply ran out of time.

so, now that I can tolerate going slowly many times I should start to work on going quickly once… :wink:

thursday - rom sit ups, various chins (inc SA static chins - 3s hold), BE (inc 1:40), 5x170 - feeling tight, forgot sliding
saturday - hip mobility, SL box hops 5x15

right hamstring is feeling a little tight, most likely because of a bad night of sleep on thursday. I’ll be pushing monday’s SE session back to wednesday and having a down week with some 30m sprints instead…

sunday-tuesday - rain, rested
wednesday - 4x10, 4x20, 2x30, 2x40 (5.5, 5.3), 1x60 (7.6 - mucked up the first few steps)

my magnesium tablets ran out on the weekend and I had a couple of days without them. on monday I bought a new bottle, but a slightly different form - just to try out something different and see if it’s any better. well, on tuesday I was sitting up the front of my y10 class and I suddenly had a massive cramp in my left hamstring that seemed to go on for a few minutes. stragely enough, none of the kids noticed me groaning and grimacing and breathing really loudly. must have been engrossed in their work :wink: .

come wednesday afternoon I was cautious, but after my 10s and 20s I knew I was fine. I smashed out a couple of good 40s, but I stuffed up the acceleration in my 60 (came out too high pawing at thin air). I’ve been doing 3pt/4pt starts, but I think I will work in a few sessions out of the blocks.

the big news was that I ran over the cat on the way home. poor little mite. busted pelvis…

Epsom salt baths for magnesium!! 100 x better than anything taken orally. And cheap as. i can buy a 20kg bag from a produce shop for under $20.

Poor cat…

How much is used per bath, and how often??

I find, 1 cup for 1st few baths, and then you can try 2 cups later on.

Try 2 cups 1st up and you’ll be falling asleep at work the next day, you’ll feel too relaxed and sleepy.
It can have a detox effect if you’re acidic. So an effect can happen depending on how you are currently.

I would go 3 baths a week until your system is fixed. I find a huge collation between being acidic via litmus testing of saliva and mg levels. I look for 7.3 - 7.4 ph levels.
When taking oral supps it was always up and down every day.
Since taking epsom salt baths, very consistent. I typically only do one bath a week.
The mrs really needs 2, but only does 1 every 10 days and wonders why she is tight and get headaches at the end of the 10 days… goodness.

Big weeks i’ll do 2 baths.
Often i’ll combine Pink Salt also - very awesome, but i dissolve that in boiling water 1st
Generally 20min of really hot, then get rinse off. Leave it on and it drys out the skin.

The hotter the better the osmosis effect.

I think the sulfates have a great effect too.