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Well done! Looks like a sub 12s is just around the corner. I see that you have joined Illawong Athletics Club now. Do you ever train with them or know anything of the training Michael Dooley’s squad is doing. He seems to be very good at producing high quality junior sprinters, but somehow they never seem to make it as seniors. This makes me think that they probably do a huge amount of volume (probably lots of intensive tempo) at a young age. Can you confirm this?

cheers, robin!

jake hammond ran 10.65s the other week, so he’s going ok. I think he’s 19.

I don’t actually train with dooley’s squad, or have any detailed knowledge about what they do, but I get on pretty well with mick, so I might ask a few questions. I’d be keen to know a bit more, myself.

I know a bit more about what max does with his guys. a sample track workout someone mentioned went something along the lines of 3x150 at 100%, followed by 600/500/400/300/200/100 at a slower speed (don’t know what intensity), then a couple of warmdown runs. I hear he pushes his guys pretty hard.

should mention that I had a race against sam s (from the forum) last saturday. I can say first hand that he’s a tall, solid lad and a friendly sort of chap, too… :cool:

:eek: YIKES 450 speed & then 2100m of even tempo (<75%) is brutal.

yeah, that’s what I thought. don’t know how much of a good idea it is to put “speed” and extensive tempo into the same session like that, either…

He’s turning 19 next month, and he also ran 21.07 in the 200. He was one of the guys I was referring to when I said Dooley keeps producing good junior sprinters (although in Hammond’s case we don’t know yet what he will do as a senior). Another example would be Jaryd Cowley who ran 21.6 as a junior, and is now running around 22.7. There are also a number of quality female juniors in Dooley’s squad. I’m not trying to criticise him here, by the way, just trying to find out what he does with his athletes. I, too, have met him and found him to be a really nice chap; and I would personally prefer having run top times as a junior only to never having run them at all.

60m: 7.79s
100m: 12.35s
200m: 25-26?

I’ve found that there are tuesday evening meets at campbelltown, which isn’t too far from where I live. seems like it will be a lot more convenient for me to attend these rather than friday night at my home track. I’m going to use this as an organised training session. hopefully it will get me off my butt and into something regular and consistent.

got a good start in the 60 but didn’t go so well in the middle. 100 was ok, but the start wasn’t so great. for the 200m I just ran it at a fairly slow pace because I could feel my chicken/potato dinner knocking at the door.

I feel like I’m not too far off cracking a couple of pb’s. I might try skipping a 60 at one of these meets and see if I can bust out a good time…

Strange, I was sure I had told you about these competitions, but apparently I hadn’t. The Campbelltown comps are very small and hand-timed, but the track is definitely faster than in Illawong.

you might have, but I must have missed it.

I wasn’t sure if it was hand timed or not. someone said it was electronic, but I didn’t see any gates there…

I, too, had read something about Campbelltown getting an electric timing system, which they said they wanted to use for their comps. However, when I went there last year, it was hand-timed with only three or four guys running the 100m.

according to the nsw website, the campbelltown meet was a ratified permit meet. does that mean it had electronic timing?

decided to sit it out ths weekend. I’ve had a fair bit of foot/calf/shin soreness for a few days, so I think I need a bit of a break.

I do have a photo of my 200m relay from last week, though. that should keep my loyal readers happy. :wink:

I took the baton about 30m behind this guy and ended up finishing .02s short of catching him… :stuck_out_tongue:

good work :cool:

yep ditto!

thanks guys! :smiley:

friday night

60m: 7.72s w+1.7
200m: 26.19s w+2.7

haven’t done much for the last couple of weeks due to the early signs of returning shin splints. still, I think the 60m was a pb for me, so that’s nice. pretty helpful wind, though. the 200m was only a few minutes later and since my fitness is a bit low and there was noone challenging me in m heat I just cruised home in a slow time.

it was nice t get back out on th park again, though…

SOPAC saturday
200m: 25.24s, 1.5w
swiss relay, 200m leg

training has been going really well and I was feeling great after thursday. there was a 100/200m doube this saturday, and I figured that without the 60m event preceding it I might have a decent chance at a pb.

unfortunately, little miss decided that 3am would be a good time to go to sleep on thursday night. and on friday night. :stuck_out_tongue:
needless to say, I was pretty wiped by saturday, and I even missed out on registering for the 100m from being late to the track.

still did ok in the 200, and ran quite well in the relay. it’s just unfortunate that sophie seems to pick the worst possible nights to refuse bedtime.

robin - regarding campbelltown. I spoke to the club president and he tells me that most nights are hand timed, but on this occasion it was a permit meet, so the association kitted them out with electronic timing for the night…

friday evening at the ridge
60m: 7.4h
200m: 25.5h

it was a drizzly evening, so they decided not to use the electronic timing. pity, because I got a great start in my 60 and my well have set another pb (zero wind).

times still on the way down for the 60, although the 200 was only 15min after the 60, so I’m unlikely to lay down a good time for that due to my tragic lack of fitness.

got the christmas holiday period coming up and I’m planning to do a heap of speed endurance training. got my next meet on dec 30th, so I might be half a chance at a 100m pb there…

What will your training look like for this???

probably something like 3x170m @ 23s. I’ve been trying to do em once a week this season, but when I’m not working/competing I could probably do it twice a week. I’ll look to stretch out the distance, too…

the ridge, 30/12
100m: 12.21s w+0.7
200m: 25.77s w+0.9

pretty disappointed with this outcome. I’ve been training well and getting some good 60m times, but I buggered up the start of the 100 and it probably cost me a pb. I have another shot at it this wednesday…

the ridge, 6/1
100m: 12.17, +2.5
200m: 26.47, +1.8

when I first checked the computer at the track for my result I looked at the wrong time and thought I had run 12.4! I was pretty relieved 24 hours later when I saw th actual result online.

still, with that win I shoud have done better. I had a solid start, but I felt myself overstriding in the middle part of the race, reaching for a top speed tha I don’t have.
the 200 was rubbish, but I had been standing around in the cold for 20mins waiting for my race. didn’t really run hard, but my time will come later in the season for the 200…

Well, its been almost a year and a half. Time to update my journal, I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

In athletics terms there’s not a heap to report. Baby number two and a new full time job have pretty much dominated the last year. I am only just starting to find the spare time and energy to get back in to things. I’ve lost a fair bit of weight during my periods of inactivity, and my general fitness and strength are rubbish, so I’m basically starting from scratch. I picked up a treadmill to use during winter and term time, and the mini tramp seems to work well as a sprinting substitute. I’ve recently started working on my upper back strength, hamstrings and squats, as well as general strength work. I’m just now starting to feel like I’m ready and able to start hitting the track again.

So hopefully this is where I pick up.

Wish me luck…