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Don’t forget to mention me in your acceptance speech… :wink:

thursday morning
ecc BE - 3:5 BW

ecc BE - 3:10 BW
bulgarian squat (left) - 2:5 26, 2:1 52

ecc BE - 3:5
ecc calves - 3:10

loving these eccentric exercises. right hamstring tendon is feeling much, much better. they are working the tension out of my calves, as well…

ecc BE - 2:10 BW, 1:5 10
ecc calves

4x100 @ 70%
S - 20m 6.8

the steps work I did a few days ago has really messed up my calves. I think I’m going to have to do some specific strength work in that area before I attempt them again. I could really feel them today, and it wasn’t just from the exercises I’ve been doing.

only got to do a portion of what I wanted to do today. I was planning on 8x100, but C was getting restless so we had to bail. S did about 5 100’s along with a bunch of skipping/jumping exercises…

ecc BE - 3:10 BW
bulg squat (left) - 3:5 26
db squat - 2:5 52
rev hyper - 1:5 26

ecc BE - 3:10 BW

uphill blocks - x10

coach had me doing something different today. coming out of the blocks on a hill and excelerating for about 10m. I was training with a guy who is the son of a former stawell gift winner. that’s pretty cool.

hamstring tendon is getting better. I’ve been using hot/cold techniques straight after training. that, coupled with the eccentric excercises, seems to be really improving the situation.

only about 3 weeks until pan pacs… :smiley:

Sunday morning
1x150, 1x120 - 95%

Had a bit of a lactic attack by the side of the track. Retched a few times but didn’t spew. Haven’t had that for a few years. It’s good to be back.

I was going to do a few slow 100’s but they started to close up the stadium and I had to leave.

Stuck a hotpack into an insulated bag and took it to the track along with an ice pack. That way I was able to start the regen as soon as possible…

db squat - 2:3 52kg
bulg sqt (R+L) - 1:1 52, 57
rev hyper - 5:10 BW

1x40, 60, 80, 100
lying starts - 10x15m
ecc calves 3:10

I felt a small twinge below my knee early on in my session yesterday. it didn’t bother me too much and I kept training. it wasn’t until a few hours after I finished that it really started to stiffen up, and today it was awful. as soon as I got home I popped a couple of NSAIDS and fortunately that has settled it down. I’m a little concerned about what exactly is going wrong, though. it’s hard to pinpoint where the problem is coming from.

I’ve been pushing the intensity a bit lately, so I’m going to start to ease off a little bit for a while in the lead up to pan pacs.

everything else is pretty much fine…

night cramp - left calf

sliding - quads
laft calf - cupping, sliding, massage, hot/cold

ecc BE - 1:10 BW
treadmill - 5x300 (6, 9, 12, 9, 9)
sliding - hamstrings, claves, quads

1x100, 80, 60 95%
3x100 50-65%

had another calf cramp in the middle of the night. no damage done, but the muscle was extremely hypertonic for a couple of days. I threw everything I had at it and it certainly helped. back up and running again in no time.

pertty happy that I finally worked out how to do sliding. I can already fee a massive difference in my legs. my hamstrings were particularly rough in texture, so I’ll be looking to smooth those out over the course of the season. I expect my range of motion to improve, as well.

13 days until my 100m at the pan pacs. I don’t think I’ll be doing any particular tough sessions. I will keep it to short distances at speed, or long and slow.

Calf and hamstring treatment

4x200 75% (35, 34, 35, 34)

I have a nice bruise on my right string, but it doesn’t appear to be anything too serious. There was a little bit of tightness, but it went away as I warmed up and did some light massage.

I’ve got a 60 and a 200 on the weekend, but I won’t be gunning for big times. I’ll just keep it smooth and relaxed…

How cool is it!! Now THAT is therapy. Cupping without sliding… it’s not even in the same ball park…

Can’t really self slide on your back. Straight cupping works there. I think the sliding is slightly more aggressive, but less so than regular massage…

Use, Wife, girlfriend, some broad you picked up last night… :slight_smile:

or all three at the same time. :wink:

wednesday evening
BE - testing the hamstrings

treadmill - 5x300m (6, 9, 12, 9, 9)

I’m getting a bit of soreness at the top of the right hamstring, and the inner hamstring/adductor area seems to be a bit shonky. nothing too outrageous, though. it only really shows up under pressure. I don’t realy feel it during running - just a little bit of reduced ROM. I’m certainly having second thoughts about how hard I will take it on saturday, though. I’ll try and do as much work as I can to get the circulation going through without having to fiddle too much with the muscle itself…

explosive snatch squat - 3:10 10
BE - 1:10 BW
rev hyp - 2:10 (knees out), 2:5 (knees in)

just testing things. not too bad. fingers crossed for my 60 tomorrow. I don’t expect to go in all guns blazing. just a test run before next week…

2x50m grad
3x30m accel
1x80m 95%
60m 4th 8.0s crap
quad strength

calf strength
light jog

rubbish run on saturday. warmed up too early, butchered the start. I’m pretty sure there was a headwind, but the result came up NWI. every other heat was run into a gale.

6 days out…

3x10m accel blk
3x60m grad
1x60m blk smooth
1x100m 95%
3x100m 60%

my last shoot out before pan pacs. the main goal of this session was to fix my block set up, because I have not been getting good power at the start. I fiddled around with the distances a bit and now I am pretty confident I have got a much better balance.

the transition from being down at the start through to upright at top speed was working well. going hard at around 20-40 seems to be working well, with hard knees pumping.

now it’s all about getting the muscles loose…

light hamstring glute exercises
calf/quad/hamstring massage

light movements
back and leg massage

everyone in my family has had a throaty bug for the last week. I first started to feel it on friday evening and it’s been hovering below the surface ever since. as a result I have actually been feeling really tired the last few days, despite the fact that I have cut my training right back.

quads were still sore yesterday, but the are feeling much better today. range of motion in my hips was pretty bad for a few days, but it’s starting to come back.

tonight I am getting packed and gathering everything I am going to need for the trip…

Good luck to you and BoldW !!

100m: 5th, 12.76, -0.5w

Thanks, old bloke.

I was feeling pretty crook for most of the day. I was so weak and feeble that I decided not to run, until I got a bit of energy and changed my mind. The race didn’t go too badly for the first 70m, then my left knee started to hurt and my right hammy tightened up. I limped over the line in 5th place.

When I got back to the hotel I started to feel worse and worse. I tracked down an after hours doctor who told me that I had a temperature of 38.5 and “severe tonsillitis”. I now have two courses of antibiotics to get through and I’m pretty much cooked as far as sprinting goes, for a while.

On another note, I saw bold finish 4th in his 800, but I wasn’t able to catch up with him after the race…

front squat 3:10 12.5, 2:10 26
EMS hamstrings/quads

sliding - hams/quads

front squat 2:10 30
back ext 3:10 BW
cleans 1:20 10
step up’s 1:10 (LR), 1:10 (L)
4:10 fnt sqt 12.5

400m jog
fnt sqt 1:20 10
clean 1:20 10
BE 2:10 BW
step up’s 1:20 (LR), 1:10 (L)

2x400m jog
2:4x80m 75%
abs 2:20
rev hyp 2:20

so I had tonsillitis, I took my anti-biotics, I got better. then a day later it returned and I went back on the meds. then I had a crazy week of report writing in which I got very little sleep.

ok, now that I’ve got all that out of the way it’s time to get back down to business. :slight_smile:

after my debacle of a weekend at the gold coast I had a bit of an issue with my left knee. it locked up a bit during my race, so I went to get a free treatment from one of the physios they provided. he slightly improved my initial complaint, although he managed to aggravate my patellar tendon and other areas while he was poking around testing what hurt and what didn’t. so I went from having a slight problem that appeared at top speed but I could otherwise barely detect to having a very sore knee that was hurting when I walk/sat/jogged/farted/whatever. I wasn’t too happy about that, but I hoped that having some time off while I was getting healthy would allow it to settle. unfortunately, it didn’t.

I did a bunch of treatments and concluded that my VM needed activating. I gave it a burst of EMS and it started feeling better straight away. today I ventured out onto the track for the first time in ages and I had very little discomfort, so that’s a win.

before all that, I’ve been gradually easing myself back into some exercise, although my energy levels have been pretty low. I remember now why I no longer do standard squats, as even after doing extremely light weights I can feel my back siezing up and curving over. hopefully the EMS will be able to help me gain/maintain strength levels without having to load up my spine. I’ve been pretty happy with my dabbles so far. now that things are back on track I will start to work it into my regular routine…


treadmill tempo
pyramid - 400, 300, 200, 300, 400 10kmh
abs - 1:20
rev hyp - 1:20

3x100 75%
2x50/50 grad/fast
rev hyp - 1:20
BE - 1:10
EMS - glutes

cupping - left quad/hammy/itb/tfl


I’m still getting issues from my knee. it felt pretty good after my run on sunday, but monday was a different story. it cracks several times a day and is often extremely uncomfortable. I will probably be getting a scan on thursday, but I remain optimistic that I will be able to treat it myself to a certain degree. I can still do most of my strength work without too much drama, but it’s high speeds that seeems to bring it out. I hope there’s not a loose bit of tissue flopping around in there, or something…