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extended warm up

freezing cold today, plus I have been feeling a bit flat today. nose has been running a marathon. didn’t really kick any goals tonight.

interesting to note that there was no training group out there this evening…

back extensions - 1:10 BW, 3:3 20kg
hip thrusts - 1:25 20kg, 1:15 20kg

didn’t really get into a good groove on the track tonight. my body has been feeling a bit crappy of late as I have had a crummy cold, not much sleep and too much time working on my laptop. none the less, I got someone to video my last 10m segment of two of my runs. the first one felt like absolute rubbish, and the second was only a bit better. the times confirmed my suspicions - 1.31s for the first, then 1.17s for the second. I can see that I am still tight in my right shoulder as the arm does not get up very high, while the left leg has a short choppy stride. I was also a bit low in the hips.

I hit my hammies a bit harder tonight. bumped the weight up to 20kg. including BW, that’s about 60kg all up. I’ll need to get a barbell in to load those up more…

deadlift - 3:3 55kg

treadmill - 3x200m 12kgm, 1* incline
various plyos, low volume

on the basis of my runs yesterday I need to work a bit on my hip height and extension. I’ll be stretching my adductors a fair bit more as well as working a few extra drills and bounds into my warm up routine. I think I need to be a bit less choppy in my stride as I am probably cutting corners in an effort to be faster in my movements…

back extensions - 1:10 BW, 2:5 20kg

I have added some bounds into my warm up routine to try and improve my hip height. tonight I concentrated on not trying to get my legs down too quickly and chopping my stride short. I made sure I was getting an aggressive knee lift with full extension of the supporting leg and I tried to get a little bit more air time. I’ll make another couple of videos next week and see if it’s improving.

I held each back extension for an extra second today, so the session was a fair bit harder than previously. I need to start working some kind of low weight reactive squats into my routine. they have been brilliant for my start in the past and I’m still finding that anything above 30kg is hurting my neck and upper back. so annoying!

I’ve narrowed down my body tension even further. I’m really sore right behind the back of my right shoulder, basically in the arm pit. I’ve been working on that for a day or two and I think it is starting to loosen up…

back extensions - 2:10 BW, 1:10 10kg, 3:10 30kg
speed squats, OH push - 1:20 10kg

no chance to get to the track today, so I thought I’d just hammer my legs a bit.

I introduced the barbell into the back extensions today, although I mostly didn’t get quite the same ROM as I did with the lighter resistance. I focussed on that for the last set and managed to get it right the third time around. my hammies are burning up. right now it feels like I’m sitting on a heated seat…

Entering any races soon?

november 3/4 I have a couple of masters races. I’m hoping to get a few runs under my belt before then, though.

I’ve been looking into signing up with a diferent club this season. one that is closer to me and in between work and home. this other club also provides free coaching, so that could be handy for me. sprint training is on wednesdays, as well. that suits…

5x150m 85%

I went out a bit hard on my tempo runs tonight. I didn’t have the patience to take it at the right pace. still, it’s my first outdoor tempo session for quite a while.
wednesday is usually for speed, but I have had a couple of niggles over the last couple of days and I wanted to go sub-max to reduce the chance of injury…

sled 10kg, 2x30m
block start, 1x30m
sled 10kg, 1x30m
block start, 1x30m, 1x80m

got the old sled out today. first time in years. I figured it was time to get back on the wagon, so to speak. :wink:
acceleration felt really good, especially in the 15-30m area. first few steps need work, of course.

I’ve been getting a bit of ITBS style soreness outside my left knee. a bit of massage usually makes it feel better for a few minutes, and I’ve also been trying ice and nurofen.
there’s a bit of a niggle in my right butt, as well. carry over from my overly strenuous session last sunday. stoopid…


signed up with my new club tonight. first session with new coach. seems decent. next week he wants to run me over 400, 300, 200, 4x150, 200, 300, 400. I will most likely die.
trained with a 10.6 18yo. seems like a decent kid…

I just signed up yesterday arvo, before the early bird fee ends.
Made sure to nominate for the 60m. :slight_smile:
Thats a total of 5 events for me. Its gunna be a long weekend

sled 10kg - 2x30m
blocks - 2x40m
back extensions - 2:10 BW

I was rubbish this afternoon. felt like crap from the first step. I kind of feel like my lower extremities still haven’t fuly gotten over wednesday, which sounds crazy. it was the first time I’ve run on a track for a couple of years, though.

bold, I hope you have fun in the 60, but I can guarantee that you won’t beat me. 100%. I’ll put money on it…

What, you not running the 60m?? :slight_smile:

nope. I have to be at work on monday…


second session at the track. this time there was a group of 5 young speedsters and one old slowpoke knocking out 60m races. I wasn’t too keen on the walk back recovery for this, to be honest. I usually like to give at least 5 minutes between flat out sprints. regardless, it was better than the 40/300/200/4x150/200/300/400 session he foreshadowed last week!

I’ve had a bit of a tight spot in my right glute, but the good news is that it doesn’t seem to be affecting anything once I warm up…

lunges - various
step up’s - 3:10 BW, 2:10 12.5
reverse hypers - 1:10 26

undecided whether I will run tomorrow. I’ve got a niggle on the upper left calf area that could probably do with a rest. the extra track work from the last couple of weeks has left my lower extremities feeling a bit sore. that said, I am feeling better this week that at the same time last week.

I’ll play it by ear according to how I feel…


my ear feels fine…


coach wanted me to do these at 70%, but it’s kind of my speed day. I ran it hard out to 50m and cruised home to 150. I remember doing similar runs in my first season of training and they seemed to work pretty well for me.

I’m getting a nagging soreness on the outside of my left knee. some days are worse than others, but I’m now getting a little concerned that it’s going to hang around for a while. I’m applying a bit of ice while I type. that seems to have helped it a bit…

I’ve had soreness on the outside of my knee before and I’ve found that it’s usually a result of calf tightness. I found that foam rolling them and endeavoring to release and relax them as much as possible (my calves) yields excellent results.

SL burgarian squat - 1:6 each 26kg, 3:1 left 52kg
back extensions - 1:10 BW, 1:6 10kg

you may be right about that. I just had a feel around and my left calf does seem as though there may be a bit of deep soreness. I have located general soreness in the quad/itb/hamstring tendon area as well, though. a bit of general massage seems to have helped, along with the ice treatment.

I’ve been feeling really weak coming out of the blocks, especially the first movement, so I’m going to try and get a bit of strength and power back into my left quad.

I was talking to a mate the other day, and he was telling me about some training videos he watched on youtube. in particular he was mentioning the way American Football players yell at each other to get fired up and achieve more in their training. today, my first attempt at lifting 52kg failed. I huffed and I puffed, but I couldn’t blow the house down (I know, I’m as weak as shit!). I then spent a few minutes breathing deeply, pumping my arms and slapping my legs to get things going a bit. my next three attempts lifted it easily.

I’ll have to remember to try to get a bit more animal caveman into my training, rather than just dorky nerd…