rogue leader...

tempo - treadmill 3x300 (9, 12, 9)

patella tendons were a bit tender today, most likely from the plyo’s yesterday. I suspect I was jumping forwards too much, which would add the stress of braking to the stress of landing. probably pushed my knees a bit more forward, too. I’ll aim more for height next time…

Check for trigger points just above the knee.

spot on, BW. a lot of lateral tension in my quads. a quick massage relieved the soreness under the knee instantly. I’ve also had some soreness in my hip since doing some digging the other day, but that also disappeared after I released my right shoulder.

reverse hyper - 1:20 BW, 2:10 12.5, 2:5 27.5

I think I’ll drop the hip thrusts and go back to the reverse hypers. they just seem to work the relevant areas better. also, I suspect the exercise was also straining my patellar tendons slightly…

5x100 star jumps :smiley:

missed my chance at treadmill running today and wanted to do something low intensity as well as a bit of a core workout. I think these actually did the job quite well. the lateral movement has been a bit neglected by me over the years, so it was good to stretch out my lats and work the ad/abductors out a bit.

still hacking my lung up… :stuck_out_tongue:


I had a bit of a hamstring cramp yesterday, but nothing overly concerning. I felt fine before training but was just a little bit tight afterwards. not feeling any discomfort when walking or anything, though. flexing is fine but extending is a little bit ginger.

other than that, things are looking good. my cough has settled down quite well so I ventured out to train outside for the first time in three weeks…

treadmill - 250m 9kmh, 250 12, 150 14, 250 9

hammy has pulled up well today. all is right with the world…

back extensions - 2:10
SL leg extensions - 1:10 20kg

I’ve discovered that the local footy field still has a hard cricket pitch area in the middle. it’s 25m long and is serving me well…

1x25/25, 2x35/25
Back extensions - 2:10
SL extensions - 2:5 20kg

I rolled my ankle a bit on my first run, due to a patch of soft ground. Fortunately I didn’t strain anything, though.

Feeling terrific and getting taller, although that annoying cough is still hanging around a bit…

db squat - 2:20 12.5, 1:20 27.5
rev hyper - 2:20 BW, 2:3 27.5

went and watched batman last night, but the seat was so uncomfortable that by the time I left my back, shoulders and left hip were feeling tense and sore again. I’m about to get going with some therapy to try and fix that. in the meantime, another session to tick off. hamstrings are basically as big as they have ever been (which is actually not very big, to be honest)…

therapy - back and neck

therapy - hamstrings and glutes

back extension - 2:10
SL extension - 1:10 40kg

I just had an interesting encounter with a personal trainer. I had been running in my usual spot in the middle of the park for about 20 minutes when a short lady turned up with a bunch of circuit equipment for a fitness class which she started setting up nearby. I think I had just finished my warm up when she turned up and was just about to do my second sprint when she called out to me “I’ve got a class starting at 6:00, so could you move over a bit?” I asked “what time is it at the moment?” and she launched into an aggressive verbal tirade at me, pointing her finger and raising her voice. about this time a male friend of hers arrived and started to chime in as well and I said “all I did was ask a question, there’s no need to be hostile”. the guy raised his voice further and said they weren’t being hostile, even though they clearly were. as I packed up my meagre belongings I heard them muttering under their breath and calling me a prick.

nice one, guys. she advised me to call the council, so I will, because the local council playing fields policy states that the hirer must be reasonable when removing the general public from their booked area. I don’t think aggressive behaviour and verbal abuse exactly counts as reasonable, especially since I gave no indication what-so-ever that I was going to be uncooperative.

I have since spoken to two people who have observed her regularly (one lives nearby, the other attends a PT class in another area of the same ground) and they both told me that they found her to be overly pushy and loud.

I intend to be in the same place at the same time next week…

3pt accel - 4x10m, 2x25m
back extensions - 2:10 10kg

just had my first pure acceleration session for a while. heaps of progress to make, but even over the course of one session I could feel my technique improving. I’ll get the block out in a couple of weeks and really get going on improving my start.

pan pacs are 8 weeks away. I expect to do ok in the 100, but I will most likely suck completely over 200 because I haven’t really run out any distance over 60m. I’ll be doing the odd 120/150 in the lead up, but I don’t expect it will have a massive impact on my finishing strength…

i would’ve told them to bite me in no uncertain terms but that’s me!!

Hmmm - Perhaps i should enter the 200 - Sounds like a challenge :slight_smile: What age group? I’m 36-40 (or 35-39, however they do it)

I’m 35-39.

Stormy, I took her advice and called the council… :wink:

extended warm up

freezing cold today, plus I have been feeling a bit flat today. nose has been running a marathon. didn’t really kick any goals tonight.

interesting to note that there was no training group out there this evening…

back extensions - 1:10 BW, 3:3 20kg
hip thrusts - 1:25 20kg, 1:15 20kg

didn’t really get into a good groove on the track tonight. my body has been feeling a bit crappy of late as I have had a crummy cold, not much sleep and too much time working on my laptop. none the less, I got someone to video my last 10m segment of two of my runs. the first one felt like absolute rubbish, and the second was only a bit better. the times confirmed my suspicions - 1.31s for the first, then 1.17s for the second. I can see that I am still tight in my right shoulder as the arm does not get up very high, while the left leg has a short choppy stride. I was also a bit low in the hips.

I hit my hammies a bit harder tonight. bumped the weight up to 20kg. including BW, that’s about 60kg all up. I’ll need to get a barbell in to load those up more…

deadlift - 3:3 55kg

treadmill - 3x200m 12kgm, 1* incline
various plyos, low volume

on the basis of my runs yesterday I need to work a bit on my hip height and extension. I’ll be stretching my adductors a fair bit more as well as working a few extra drills and bounds into my warm up routine. I think I need to be a bit less choppy in my stride as I am probably cutting corners in an effort to be faster in my movements…

back extensions - 1:10 BW, 2:5 20kg

I have added some bounds into my warm up routine to try and improve my hip height. tonight I concentrated on not trying to get my legs down too quickly and chopping my stride short. I made sure I was getting an aggressive knee lift with full extension of the supporting leg and I tried to get a little bit more air time. I’ll make another couple of videos next week and see if it’s improving.

I held each back extension for an extra second today, so the session was a fair bit harder than previously. I need to start working some kind of low weight reactive squats into my routine. they have been brilliant for my start in the past and I’m still finding that anything above 30kg is hurting my neck and upper back. so annoying!

I’ve narrowed down my body tension even further. I’m really sore right behind the back of my right shoulder, basically in the arm pit. I’ve been working on that for a day or two and I think it is starting to loosen up…

back extensions - 2:10 BW, 1:10 10kg, 3:10 30kg
speed squats, OH push - 1:20 10kg

no chance to get to the track today, so I thought I’d just hammer my legs a bit.

I introduced the barbell into the back extensions today, although I mostly didn’t get quite the same ROM as I did with the lighter resistance. I focussed on that for the last set and managed to get it right the third time around. my hammies are burning up. right now it feels like I’m sitting on a heated seat…

Entering any races soon?