Roger Kingdom makes Olympic Trials

I was just at a track meet at Slippery Rock University tonight and I had the pleasure of seeing Roger Kingdom qualify for the Olympic trials in the 110m hurdles. In fact, I got to hold his blocks. This has been my first year in track (16 y/o here) and it was just amazing to see how well someone can do with so much work. I’ve never seen somebody so focused, yet relaxed ever. There will probably be articles up sometime tomorrow, but I thought I should mention it as soon as I could.

By the way Charlie, I spoke to Mr. Kingdom before this (at a regional meet) and he said he met you before (spoke very highly of you in fact) and was friends with Ben–any comments on this?

What was his time in the 110m hurdles?

I believe he ran it in 13.39. Someone said 13.37 to me, but I’m pretty sure I heard them say 13.39 over the loud speaker (they didn’t have the time on any scoreboard and they only announced the result once so it was hard to catch it).

Boy! Roger can still do it after so many years! I appreciate his kind words.

Wow I was very wrong on the timing. Sorry all. :frowning:
I think they must’ve been reading a time from another race I guess. Wow I feel real dumb now. Anyways it was still a good experience to meet him I suppose.

EDIT: Apparently, another news site has a different time listed :

He’s met the B standard, and since not enough have met the A standard, he still might be there.