rocket science


Power = Force x Acceleration


Power = Force x velocity

Force = mass x acceleration

Awesome photo: incredible what some PBAN rubber, aluminium fuel and oxidiser does! (and some hydrogen and LOX, but you can barely see the faint SSME plumes…) :o

thanks for the help. Is there a formula for Impulse?

there is a formula for everything in physics.

resultent force X change in time= impulse, so

FT=p the units are kgm/s

thanks for replying “on the impulse” - so to speak (lame, sorry)

Beautiful plume. Rocket plumes, explosives and supersonic craft are to reason why I am studying shockwaves now.

Be careful when applying these formulas though, they are specific derivations with assumptions. (Particularly with your rocket).

Force = d/dt Momentum
Power = d/dt Work
Impulse = integral of force with respect to time

Note: these don’t include the vector generalizations (or modifications for rotating reference frames) and won’t necessarily work for quantum systems.

Who says calculus isn’t useful :slight_smile: