Robotic dancing

check out the 2nd guy that comes on :slight_smile:

I used to be able to do that sort of breakdancing back in my younger years in the 80s :cool:
A bit rusty these days, but I still have the feel there :slight_smile:

Great post! I busted some moves tonight to get ready…

That second dude freakin killed it! he was niceeeeeeeee.

Maybe do it as part of GPP?

yeah something about that guy reminds me of Akira, all tentacles or something… :eek:

I used like playing “Bust a Groove” game on the playstation, because of all the funky ass dance moves :slight_smile:

slick and smooth groover!

right click and save!

Try and post some video of guys doing “flares” and other power moves and let turn this nto a discussion of the strength it takes do do them and if they can be considered athletes.
Alot of power moves are like gymnastics.

That was great. It reminds me of my old break dancing days c. 1984.

I still say “Breakin” and “Beat Street” got overlooked at the Academy Awards.

Just totally unreal