Road to becoming National Champ

I decided I would make a journal to keep track of my progress and to recieve some helpful critiques on the way.

In my first year of athletics from age 16 to 17 I achieved a pb of 10.83 with +1.2 wind.

Age: 17
Height: 6ft
Weight: 69Kg
Squat: 85KG X 12
Bench: 55KG X 10 lol
Deadlift: 45KG X 10 lol
vertical jump: 70cm
Standing longjump: 2.85m

As winter is starting, my goals are to hit the weight room, as im pretty weak (lol), and start increasing my speed endurance and recovery. Then when summer starts ill start getting technical.

Ill post my training plan once i complete my first day of training!!! Expect pics aswell :smiley:


Is this your last year of Secondary School?

Yup sure is so I gotta go out with a win

Did you run at last ones?
How did you go?
You attached to a club?

Ran at last ones.

Heat 1: 10.99
Quarter: 10.83
Semi: 11.38
Final: 11.31

finished 6. Quite annoyed but can only blame myself for getting too sore to be threat in the final. I could have won it last year but didn’t.

just run for school.

Got that and see results. I’m guessing you didn’t tick Eurpopean descent on the census forms :smiley:

Did you compete apart from school?

Are you getting coaching?

What you doing next year? Come down to Dunners for Varsity and join our squad :smiley:

I didn’t tick anything actually because my mum did it for me, lol :D!

Yes my father is from africa.

Anyways missing out on SI champs because of a groin injury so thats pretty much the season for me.

Training today:

Warm up 400m jog, high skips, stretch.
100m X 10 @ 25%-50%-70%-25% to help recover groin.

Working on a Winter training plan which I’m going to implement next week.

Good luck man. I’ll be watching your progress.

Alright nothin much today just did:

Warm up 800m jog, skips, 60m stride out
300m @ 50
300m @ 48
300m @ 45

to help with my groin. Other groin strengthening as well. In a week i’ll start building some POWER in the weight room and with plyos :smiley:

are those the times you ran them in?

Did you watch any of the SI SEc Schools?

Yes, just ment to be taking it easy with those times. No I didn’t watch, just got the results.

Actually I’m supposed to be going to U20 australian champs next weekend but Im pretty sure I’m just going to cut the season here.

If not I’ll post how I go.


Nothing much today, just testing my groin.

3 X 100m at 90% and 95% and 90%

feel out of shape lol.

you still planning on going to Aus?

I heard some man child from Nelson in the U14’s broke Chris Donaldsons 200m & 400m records at the weekend…23.7 or something (certainly sub 24) into a head wind :eek:

Yes, coach wants me to.

That U14 record is crazy. Its unfair how some kids destroy the competition at a young age just because they are more physically mature.

I remember when I competed one off in the 100m when I was under 14, could only run 13.0x lol. I probably had the body of a 12 year old back then lol, still have some developing to do…


I’m guessing the tickets are paid for and can’t be refunded. IMHO there appears to be no benefit in you racing if you are struggling with a groin injury as much as you put. Are others going?

Its unfair how some kids destroy the competition at a young age just because they are more physically mature.

who ever said life’s fair? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just going through your plans and sure do wish you all the best. What were the conditions like in the finals, because all the times seem a lot slower than in the preliminary rounds for both the juniors and seniors


SI Secondary Schools results

Last years Secondary Schools Champs

Yes that is true. The prelims day was probably 22C degrees around .5-1.5 tail wind. A lot of people got pbs and got a bit too carried away. On finals day I was slightly raining, cold, headwind and most of the guys had blown themselves out.

4 rounds of 200m and 4 rounds of 100m. Was tough so thats one of my goals, to cope with rounds better.

Oh and I wont be going to aus. So time to focus on winter training :smiley: !!!